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Demure's phone sex blog - Dream lover - 2009-04-20 13:04:24

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Id slept badly...I just couldnt sleep...The heat was stiffling...I threw back the now rumpled cotton sheet to reveal my body glistening in the moon light. Sweat trickled between the plunge of my breasts. A light breeze entered via an open window....I turned onto my front...the air cooled the moisture on my back...mmmmmmm oh but it did feel good...almost like a kiss, a pair of gentle lips finding the base of my spine and with a feather light touch radiating out over my hypersensitive buttocks....I drifted off to sleep or so I thought...This couldnt be happening surely not for real....Hands were caressing and then gently kneeding my thighs as the touch deepened...and my arousal grew..I felt my inner core melt and ignite. Firm hands parted my thighs and sought my sex. A low moan escaped my lips. I felt myself hips moved of their own accord...matching in time the movements of those skillful fingers. Dare I turn over? ..or would the spell be broken...I dare not move. I felt my own climax build. Pulses of pure pleasure rippled through my thighs, my belly and then finding my core. I felt my juices gush from me......the waves of pure sensation subsided then all was still. I lay for a moment trying to make sense of what had just happened but couldnt. My breathing steadied...and sleep eventually overtook me.
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