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sexydawn's phone sex blog - nympho dawney - 2009-04-15 14:35:28

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i just came out the shower to answer my door to my friend chelle as we were going in to town to buy new lingerie from ann summers i said i will be back in a moment just gonna get dressed and dry my hair she said ok i will come up with you for a chat i was ok with it as i was towelling myself dry chit chatting to each other she suddenly started to take towel from me and dry my back i said ty m8 but she didnt stop there she started to kiss the back of my neck i wasnt expecting that felt a bit embarrassed by it but it felt so good that i let her carry on she lay me on the floor and started to lick me from legs to neck than on my navel than sensually on my shaved pussy it got me so aroused that mt pussy was getting wetter and not by her toungue it felt so good she than straddled me and said lick my pussy dawn so i did it felt different to a cock it was smooth and moist i fingared her in her pussy as i started to lick her clit she took the strap on out of my cupboard and pu it on her she than slowleyentered me kissing me at the same time than started to pound my pussy with the strap on i was moaning with excitement i was cuming my neighbour ian must of heard so he came round to see if i was ok so he of course joined in i fucked my friend with the strap on whilst i sucked his cock he than bent my friend over and fucked her in the ass whilst licking my pussy mmmm it felt o good after my friend came he fucked me pussy and she squated over my face i could taste the juices rolling out her pussy i was being fucked hard and nearly squirted on ians cock but he pulled out he than rammd his cock in my mouth making me gag than my friend licked my pussy till i came it was over so quickly tell you what a shower wont be the same again mmmmmmm
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