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Ass Fuck Ashlee's phone sex blog - Fun Fun Fun - 2009-04-03 20:24:14

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Horny? oh yeah! Need cock? hell yeah! .....

I need some hot action and although my neighbours are quite tasty they really dont look like all that adventurous in the bedroom department so they were out of the question...... or were they!!!

Sunbathing in my garden topless with the radio for company hoping and wishing by a mirical that something hot would happen. Laid there with the sun beating down on my toned body and my bare tits gently tanning it i rubbed on some more sun tan oil to give that perfect tan when i was distracted by a noise behind the fence. Gettin up from my sun bed i walked over to find my neighbours wife spyin on me through a hole. She looked quite flustered when she realised she had been caught. I too was shocked to see this prime and proper upper cut girl watchin me and obviously getting aroused by the sight of my body.
I quite inquisitivly asked what she was doing and got a very embarresed reply stating that she wanted proof that i was far too open about showing off my naked body in public. Not wanting to let her down i asked her around for coffee and i promised that i would put on some more clothes and quite to my shock she agreed.

When Sheila came around i already had the coffee on the table, not that i had any plans to drink it i had far more fun and naughty things on my mind. If it was proof she wanted then proof she would get. Switching on my laptop and setting up the webcam in the lounge i invited her to join me. In a very akward manner she shuffled through and sat on the edge of my settee. Asking if she found my settee uncomfortable i pulled her back to sit next to me. While listening to her talking i knew i had made the right choice about her. I started to run my hands up and down my thigh and over my tits making my nipples hard watching her all the while. she seemed to be interested in me but not willing to cross that line, more for fear of her actually likeing it i think!. Any way i moved my hand to her knee and gently moved it upwards to her thigh openin her legs and letting my fingers find her already wet panties telling her that she should relax and let her hair down a little and perhaps be a bit more laid back like me She let out a little groan and a slight gasp of breath and i knew i was gonna have her pussy!!!

After spending some time getting her more relaxed kissing her neck i started to undress her taking off that ghastly shirt she wore. Kissing her soft breasts and sucking on her nipples i made the move to her pussy. i spread her legs and remove the panties with my teeth lickin her pussy through them as i do this. Once removed i rub her pussy with my hand focusing on her clit that was already quite swollen with excitement. I slip of the settee and inbetween her legs and start to eat her pussy and fuck her with my fingers with such vigour that she came very quick and hard making her cum drip off my chin.
I kneel over her so that my belly is level with her mouth and i take her hand and rub my pussy slowly with it and moving my bikini bottoms to the side i place her fingers into my pussy and then with no warning at all she furiously pushes her fingers into my pussy hard and fast making my close to cumming. She moves me to the floor and returns the favour of eating my pussy with a hunger i have never seen before!! probing my pussy eagerly with her tongue and rubbing my clit with her finger she brings me to an amazing cum.... unaware that we have been watched for quite some time her husband with his cock so big and hard shoves it down my throat and makes me suck on it so hard i am gagging. She raises up from my pussy and grabs his cock and sucks hard on it too while i suck on his balls. After this the days shag ends with us in a full hard sex session of him fucking me and her licking his cum from my pussy and then he fucked her in the ass while licking my cum from my pussy........

It was the best afternoon i have had in a long time... Turns out that they were swingers and were only nervous around me in case they couldnt controll the urge to fuck me senseless. They had planned all this as much as i had........... Wot a day and one that i will never forget!!!

Ashlee xxxxxxx
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