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Lexi Slut's phone sex blog - My 1st Lesbian experience - 2009-04-02 19:18:47

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Well i thought i would tell you all about my first lesbian experience since i know how much you all love it.

It was on my 18th birthday and i was due to be going out for a night on the town with some friends who had organised a big night. My best friend Tina came round my place to get ready for the party with me and so that we could do the whole giggly girly-girl thing that all us girls are good at!!! although that wasnt all she was good at beleive me lol

Any way after a good couple of bottles of wine later out cab arrived to take us to the party. My heart was thumping with excitement, as well as my pussy,. .After a short ride in the cab we arrived at our local pub and as i walked in i was greeted in the traditional party way with streamers and all my friends singing happy birthday to me. The landlord gave me my first legal pint and i was well on my way.
We moved on later in the evening to a night club to dance the rest of the night away. We all dance till we dropped and the drink flowed freely, it was a fantastic night made better when Tina danced with me, her body rubbing against mine and her hands all over me touching me in a provocative manner without it being porny.
Far too tired to walk bk home Tina shared a cab with me and came in "just to make sure i was ok". We went through to the lounge and flopped on the sofa next to each other and giggled about the night of fun we had had. Then Tina gave me the best present ever. She leaned over me and kissed my lips and all i remember was how soft her lips felt on mine. Her hand found its way to my thigh rather quickly and she eased her between my legs and enjoyed the fact i had no panties on. She found my clit and started to massage it gently as i found hers and returned the favour. Before i know what was happening she was inbetween my legs kissing my clit and tenderly licking my pussy poking her tongue in and out of it tastin my juices that were flowing with the gentle feeling of her lips and tongue doing those things to me. When Tina re-emerged my juices were drippin off her chin so i lick them all up and i wanted more. We were on the floor in the 69 postition licking each other out greatfuly making each other moan with pleasure. Tina used my TV remote to fuck my pussy and i screamed with pleasure as i fucked her pussy with my fingers allowing 2 to go deep into her ass at the same time. Tina and i fucked untill we were both satisfied, We fell asleep laid in each others arms that nigh on the lounge floor.
Tina made all my dreams come true that night and i have never forgoten it. Nor will she let me as she still comes over to my place for a little girly-girl fun.

I hope you have had as much fun reading this as i have remember it,

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