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Blonde Aussie's phone sex blog - Ravished in an Elevator. - 2009-03-17 16:12:48

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I was in London the other day, and going to a job interview; so I was all dressed up. Crisp white shirt, grey skirt, little pin stripe jacket, nice skin tone stockings, black heels. My blonde hair up. I was in a lift, in the a high rise, looking at my watch nervously and the ticking floors. I needed to get to floor 34, and I was on 7. I was late!
I was going over in my mind, the reasons why I would be perfect, as this Company Directors personal assistant, I was about to meet...Thinking maybe I could show some cleavage to him as I was late; when suddenly the lift stopped. The lights flickered off, then the emergency ones came on. It wasnt until I starting pushing the buttons on the panel, in a panic, that I realised the only other person in the lift besides me, was a tall man. I guess he was in his mid 30's. Dark hair, blue eyes, smart suit.
I asked what floor he wanted and he said 34. "Me too," I said. "I was late for an interview, but now I guess I have a perfect excuse! I can say I was stuck in this lift the whole time!" I laughed nervously, and he smiled. The minutes ticked whilst we waited to be rescued. The air-con must have stopped, as I was feeling hot, and took of my jacket. My white shirt was starting to stick to my skin, so I unbuttoned a few buttons. I noticed the man's eyes darting to my chest, and thats when I realised that as I was so hot, my bra was clearly visable as were my DD breast inside, my now see-through shirt. Feeling a bit exposed I made to reach for my jacket, when I felt myself pushed up against the elevator wall! The man in the elevator had my breast in one hand, his hand fumbling under my skirt, and his mouth pushed on mine. I felt my underwear rip past my thighs. Then I felt his hard cock pushed inside me, so suddenly I gasped. He had me lifted off the ground, up around his waist, one hand under my ass, his other on my breast, and me pinned to the elevator wall. He thrust inside me, and I couldnt help it. I felt a shudder, and I came. Hard.
This seemed to trigger something in him, as soon I felt his hot cum spurting inside me, and the wet stickiness afterwards. He let me go, zipped himself up, and then stared straight ahead like nothing had happened. I pulled down my skirt, straightened my shirt, picked up my torn underwear, my head spinning. Did that just happen??? The lift jerked, suddenly and began to move. I breathed a sigh of relief. The doors opened to floor 34, and he stood in fornt of me, blocking my way out. He took the underwear from my hand, and shoved them in his pocket.
"The jobs yours if you want it, " he said smiling wickedly. "I'll even over-look the fact you were late, if you oblige me in certain areas..." With that he turned and left.
I start on Monday!

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