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Submissive Leah's phone sex blog - Hot n Horny - 2009-03-09 12:57:00

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I am laid here on my bed alone in the house horny as hell. I am bored of the usual toys so i decided to use other things in the room.
My first is a badminton racket handle. I slide it into my eager pussy and fuck myself hard with it until i cum all over it!! sliding it out i lick the handle clean of my juices but i still want more so i find my TV remote and stretch my pussy wide until it can fit inside me. Feeling my pussy stretched like this i want to cum harder and faster. I need more than just these items. I need a cock!!! My master is away and i have been told not to leave the house!! I will not disobey him. But he never said i couldnt invite others into the house i think to myself devilishly, I pick up the phone and call a mutual sub and her master.
They agree to come over to my place to give me what i want! They enter my bedroom while the sub is dressed all in black pvc with a collar and lead attached to her. Her outfit has no tit area nor a pussy and ass area making access exceptionally easy. He is dressed in a black pvc outfit that has a hole so that his hard and eager cock is on show. I want to grab his cock and suck on it hard but i want her pussy on my face at the same time. I cannot chose who to have first. The master orders his sub onto the bed and to spread her legs so i can see her swollen lips on her throbbing pussy. The master orders me to lick up her juices and i do so obligingly!! He whips my ass hard and i lick and suck her harder until she wants to cum but the master wont allow her to cum. Instead he brings her onto her knees and orders me to lie underneath her so i can lick her pussy while he fucks her ass. I lick his balls and taste her as she wants cum. I can feel his balls getting tight as he want to fill her ass with his thick creamy load. He pushes her head down to my pussy and makes her lick my juices. Without noticing my master has come home early and has found me have pleasure with others. He is so disappointed that he has to punish me. What do you think he should do with me? My pussy is wet and eager to be fucked and my ass is begging for some cock. What should my punishment be?
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