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Blonde Aussie's phone sex blog - Drunk with girlfriend - 2009-03-04 12:29:43

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It was my best friends birthday yesterday, and I made her lunch at my house. She is English, long brown hair, curvy...I told her about my new job here, talking to you! You wank off, I make you cum... She then asked me to explain some of my calls. What happens? I told her some of the filthy things I say. This really turned her on! I explained how hearing the guy moan, breathe hard and then explode, often made me cum too...Thanks to the wine, our inhibitions were down. She gently slipped her hand onto my leg as we sat there. Our eyes locked, and before I knew it, she was kissing me hard. I kissed back, and after years of pent of sexual tension between us, we were in my bedroom...Ripping each others clothes of, and just for her birthday... I licked her until she came. We took this in turns all afternoon...I came at least 5 times... As it was her birthday, she got most of the attention, and thanks to my fingers and my tongue, she came at least 8 times... Wanna know more?
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