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Ass Fuck Ashlee's phone sex blog - My wild Party - 2009-02-19 09:59:23

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Wow what a weekend i had lol i went to a mates party and it was certainly a party!!!!

There was loads of sexy guys and gorgeous girls there. My pussy was wet just thinking about the fun that was ahead of us.
I was sitting on the sofa when this cute girl came over and started to talk dirty to me. My pussy was getting wetter each time she smiled at me. I knew i wanted her and i knew she wanted me. Before we knew it we were fingering each other right there in front of every1. she was sucking and kissin my neck but i wanted her pussy on my face. she very eagerly obliged. Some of the lads were getting very excited at the show at started to wank themselves around us. As i was licking her pussy she was sucking on cocks as each guy took it in turns. Getting down onto my knees in front of her i spread her legs as wide as i could get them and ate her pussy till she came in my mouth and licked her cum all up greedily. One of lads took this opportunity to fuck ma ass hard and filling me with his hot creamy cum. The girl takes her strap on and fucks my pussy with it while another guy fucks my ass again.
I ended up on the floor with the girl fucking my pussy with a wine bottle and sucking a huge cock. the guy came over my face and in my mouth,

What a wild night it was......... i cant wait for the next party!!!!
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