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Deborah's phone sex blog - Me and Delivery Men - 2009-01-16 11:51:22

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What is it with me and delivery men?

Hello guys, have been up to mischief again and I am still not satisfied. Just had what is the equivalent to a "marathon session". Just had what is the equivalent to a "marathon session" but still want more Two delivery men came to deliver my nice new plush bed, the springs in my 2 month-old bed suddenly went earlier this week. They came earlier than expected (8.00am) and I was in the middle of fingering myself when the bell went. I am ashamed to say that I went to the door dressed in my black silk negligee. I could tell from afar that they were well hung, and I showed them the way to my bedroom. They must have guessed what I had been up to as the sweet aroma of my pussy filled the room.. What was a girl to do? I just could not help myself. I lifted my black negligee and started to finger my juicy shaven pussy

To find out about the rest of my exploits with these well hung delivery men listen to the attached recording
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