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Submissive Leah's phone sex blog - Looking For Sexy Fun - 2009-01-14 10:22:07

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Laid here on my bed late at night playing with my wet pussy watching some sexy films i need some cock to satisfy my craving for cum!!!

Reaching into my box of secrets i find my fav toy turning it on to feel the soft vibration i tease my hard nipples. My hand slowly finds my dripping wet pussy and i start to rub my clit as i move my toy down to tease my tight hole i slide it in deep covering it in my sweet juices moving my hips up to it to get it in deeper i start to moan with an orgasm building up my pussy getting tighter as i want to cum, i take my toy and taste my juices from it sucking it hungerly wishing it was a cock. Wanting more than just what my fav toy can give me i find my double ender and using both ends i fuck both my holes untill my body writhes as i cum hard and fast.
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