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Softkissesxx's phone sex blog - - 2008-12-10 13:01:44

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During a big snowstorm I was one of only two women brave enough to venture to my health club. As I was washing my hair in the shower, the other woman asked if I had shaving cream. Before I could respond, she had opened the curtain to my stall. She said she was cold and asked if she could hop in and help me rinse my hair. She must have felt me trembling because she reached around and rubbed a circle around my clit with her index finger. I thrust my pelvis toward her, hoping she would slide her finger inside me. Instead, she French-kissed me until I came. As we dressed, she said if I wanted to finish what I started I would have to meet her husband. (Hang on -- what I started?) Within two hours, I was in their bed. Her husband laid on his back and they placed me on my back on top of him, with his cock coming up through my legs for the wife to suck. Her mouth would hit my clit as she went down. I begged to be fucked. Instead, she poured lube over his cock and fucked him on top of me. She took it slowly so our clits were grinding. Finally it was my turn. She was sliding a condom on when my cell rang. I checked the caller ID. It was my boyfriend. The idea of my boyfriend watching me get fucked always had been a turn-on. Why not let him hear me get fucked? I talked to him for a few minutes but he got suspicious and said, "What the hell is going on?" I told him I was being screwed by a stud with a nine-inch cock and his wife was eating me and that he could either cry about it or have phone sex with me. He chose the right path.
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