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Anna Bella's phone sex blog - Fond memories continued - 2008-11-20 12:36:56

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...... I couldn't believe how erotic it was to feel her hands inside of me, but not be able to see her. She was so good with her hands, they were soft and warm ... firm and fast as she worked my g-spot. I looked up at him wide eyed as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I began to moan as I felt the orgasm building in me, writhing under his weight. He leant forward, pinning my arms to the bed, and thrusting his cock into my mouth again and again, as she began to suck my clit and finger fuck me. It was more than I could take, and as my body began to jerk I came hard and long, my cunt clamping down on her fingers inside of me. I felt her pull her fingers out to be quickly replaced by her tongue, and as she drank my cum, he pulled his rock hard cock out of my hot mouth, and began pumping his hand up and down his shaft until with a gasp, he shot his creamy hot cum all over my face and into my open mouth.

As I lay back in ecstacy, he dismounted, and she slowly moved her soft warm body up mine. I could feel her hard nipples brushing against my hips and my tummy as her hands traced up my waist, under my arms and behind my head. Eventually, her milky tits were rested against mine, and her hands were buried in my long blonde hair, as her dark hair fell between our chests. She looked long into my eyes and began to kiss my lips, so softly and gentle, tasting his cum on my lips as I tasted mine on hers. As we kissed more and more passionately, he came up behind us and slid her panties down slowly as she knelt over me. I reached down between our hot bodies and started to rhythmically stroke her dripping pussy lips, knowing that making me cum had got her horny as hell. She began to rock back and forth, pushing her hips back against his naked body as he stood behind her at the edge of the bed. As her kisses moved to my neck and breasts, I looked over her shoulder, and saw him firmly grab her hips, and I knew what was coming. In one swift movement, he forced his massive cock deep into her pussy, making her jerk forward, crying out with surprise and pleasure, As she did, her breasts fell into my face, and I took one of her firm nipples into my mouth. Now, with more reach, I was able to push two fingers up into her throbbing cunt, feeling her juices dripping between my fingers. It was now my turn to repay the pleasure she had brought to me.

As he fucked her harder and harder, I began to work faster on her sweet pussy, hooking my fingers up inside of her. She was like an animal now, her writhing body barely held between our two bodies. She cried out for him to fuck her ass, she wanted to be the dirtiest slut she could for him. He was more than happy to oblige and as he took his cock from her cunt, soaked in her juices, and slid it carefully into her tight asshole, I wriggled myself down under her until my mouth was within licking distance of her, and he held my body up between his legs. As I licked and sucked her bullet like clit, I could feel the force of him fucking her ass harder and harder. As I pushed my tongue up into her cunt, I could feel it tightening and I knew she was close to cumming. I began furiously licking her from clit to asshole and everywhere inbetween, as his balls banged into my chin again and again. Suddenly she cried out and her body went stiff, and I felt her cumming on my tongue, her juices squirting out all over my face and dripping down my face. With this he did one final thrust and let out a roar as he filled her ass with his second load of steamy spunk. I stayed where I was, knowing that soon his salty muck would be dripping out of her ass and into my mouth, as I drank a sticky cocktail of their cums. So tasty, so dirty, so amazing xxxxx

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