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Summer_Love's phone sex blog - MY Naughty Post Man - 2008-10-12 14:35:56

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I had just got out the shower when the door went I went to the door not thinking and still only had my towel on
I was used to my postman delivering packages as I worked from home.

Opening the door with a hiya as I always do my mouth fell open there standing on my step was a hunky postman not the old guy I was expecting.

With a big grin he said well hiya, I could not stop starring at him wow he was so hot, with a sexy grin he said I
have a special delivery for you and all I could think was I wish you had, I think he must have read something in
my eyes as when he handed me the package and our hand touched it was electric.

I was wondering if I could use your toilet if you don't mind, yes come in would you like a coffee to warm you up
yes he smiled with a wink.

As he went to the toilet I went to the kitchen the next thing he was right behind me as I passed him the cup forgetting all I had on was a towel
it slipt I tried to grip it but was to late so there I was standing there naked I panicked reaching down for the towel as he did our eyes met and
we both new what we wanted, he reached out and started kissing me slowlie it felt amazing.

Taking him by the hand I led him to the bedroom with ought a word he undressed my god he was a big boy very big.

As I lay down on the bed I closed my eyes as I felt his hot breath between my legs feeling him getting closer my breath
getting faster as I felt his tong starting to like my clit I could not help but let out a small cry Mmmmmmmmmmmm
Hi fingers started to work on my pussy I felt him slide two inside my now wet hot pussy my breath getting faster
with each lick of my lit and push of his fingers, this guy new just what to do for a woman.

After what seems like seconds I felt my body twitch and start to shake I was coming to orgasm omg omg I cried out
im cumming he took my clit in his lips and started to suck I felt myself let go and squirt I could hear him slurping and
yummmming, as I lifted his head I could see the sparkle in his eyes and the smile on his face, MY TURN SEXY he growled

He lay down on the bed as I started to kiss and lick him down his chest down his belly then down to that amazing cock that by now was dripping pre-cum
I started to lick and lick the head of his amazing cock mmmmmmmmmmmmm I opened my lips and started to suck the head of his cock
suck it baby suck it he called out. I felt him push his hips up pushing his cock deeper into my mouth there was no way I was taking it all but his hand
came down onto the back of my head his fingers wrapped in my hair suck it suck it harder deeper he was pushing me down making me gag on his cock god there
is no way I can take it all, just as I thought he was going to choke me with it he pulled my head up moved me around on to my knees bending me right over,
his fingers gripping my ass he pulled my cheeks apart then sliding his tong up and down my ass MmMMMMMMMMMMM
then his fingers started to rub my clit then ass sliding three fingers up my pussy he pushed his tong as far as he could
up my ass after a few min he said im going to ride that sweet ass till you scream you know that.

He lifted his head his body coming close to me I felt the head of his cock dripping with pre-cum sliding up and down my ass omg hes going to push it right in
but to my joy he forced that amazing cock deep into my soaking pussy god yesssssssssss please fuck me hard he was pumping harder and deeper up me faster
and faster I felt myself build up till once more I cried out as I shook with another orgasm, just as I was finishing he said to me hold your breath
he pulled his cock out and with one move pushed it right into my ass I let out a scream as I felt his cock rip into my ass I thought he had pushed it all
the way in but to my shock only the head of it was in he leaned back not sure what was happening I turned to look back as
I did I seen his hand come down hard and fast onto my ass with a whackkkkkkkkk once twice three times is it hurting he asked with tears in my eyes I turned
to look at him as I did he forced his cock deeper in my ass then again he whacked my ass then pushed his cock all the way in, it was the most amazing fucking
I have ever had he was fucking me hard and deep now holding onto my hips as he fucked me deeper his fingers came down rubbing and rubbing my clit
with his fingers and cock going mad on my ass and clit I felt my body shake again as this time I let go and squirted all over his fingers.

He lifted his hand up to his lips then mine taste it babes MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Soon after the he pulled his cock out of my ass turning me around at the same time he pushed it back in my mouth suck it I am going to fill your mouth
with my cum and he did he shot so much I could not take all of it.

I lay back on the bed he looked down and me as I said that was amazing thank you for the special delivery MMMMMMMMMMM yes but its not over yet and as I looked down
his cock was starting to get hard again.

So the postman delivered twice that day and still is ever day I get at least one delivery and if I am lucking I get a night delivery.

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