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Lina's phone sex blog - college surprise - 2008-10-08 04:51:10

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my one-year anniversary, December 21st. I was going to the same college as my boyfriend and it was our first year anniversary I had a special surprise.

I stripped naked and put on my high heels and a long dress coat and rushed over to his dorm room. He let me in and I closed the door behind me. Then I let the coat slide to the floor, revealing my naked body. His mouth dropped open. I knew he was waiting for this for a long time.

I told him to sit down on his bed, because I had something planned. He sat down and I pulled his legs apart and began to slide my body up and down his crotch, giving him a lap dance. He pulled my ass closer so I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. I leaned over brushing my breasts against his face as I undid his pants and took out his cock.

His hands covered mine and he helped me to jack him off until he was rock hard. That's when he said it was his turn to play. He stood up and pulled off his pants and told me to lean over his computer chair. I did it and I felt him grab my hips as his cock circled my clit before he slid it in.

He pumped in and out of me, slowly at first and then he sped up. I grabbed onto the chair .....

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