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Anna Bella's phone sex blog - Fond memories - 2008-09-07 11:53:01

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I have fond memories of a time when a couple of fuck buddies and I used to hook up for some threesome fun. He was gruff and manly, with a shaved head and a big, thick cock. She was petite and brunette, with a wicked sense of humour. We would get together and start with a few drinks, just to get us relaxed and in the mood for a bit of fun.

Then he would get a glint in his eye and would tell us to get on the bed. This always made my heart leap with excitement, as we took off our tops and jeans and went over to the bed. We knew he meant business as he walked over, unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down, revealing his rock hard cock in his boxers.

On one occasion, he told us to kiss first. Her lips felt so warm and soft on mine, as she slipped her wet tongue into my mouth. I ran my hand through her long, soft hair, letting it drop down into her cleavage. We began to kiss deeper as our bodies pressed together. I reached down into her panties and felt her pussy. It was wet already, and so was I. He was stood at the side of the bed, rubbing his cock as he watched us making out. I glanced over and he caught my eye, grinning mischeviously. I knew I was first. He walked over as we broke our embrace, pushing me down onto the bed and slipping my panties down over my hips. She came over to me and began licking my clit, lapping at me with her soft wet tongue. I began to moan as I felt my clit getting hard. This just made her lick harder, dipping her tongue into my wet pussy and drinking my juices, before returning to my clit.

As I moaned, he straddled my chest and looking down at me, he pushed his hard cock into my open mouth. I took him deep into my throat, almost gagging as he began to fuck my face. As I began to get wetter, she slipped her fingers into my cunt and began to work my g-spot .....

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