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mature woman's phone sex blog - for you xxx (recording) - 2008-08-08 03:55:04

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I've just come out of the bath and I'm wrapped in a towel, as I open the door I see you, you smile at me, pick me up and carry me to the bedroom. You lay me back, take off the towel and stand back to look at me. I blush slightly as your eyes travel up and down me, my full breasts and rounded hips. Your eyes come to rest on my pussy, you pull off your shirt as I sit up reaching for your belt. I unzip your fly and reach inside to grasp your cock, a groan escapes your mouth. I free your cock and lick my lips, you are huge and hard and a little drop of pre cum is dangling from the end. I lick my lips again, eager to taste you, you oblige me by feeding your cock into my mouth. I take as much of you in my mouth as I can, you pull slowly back and I look up at your face. You are staring down at me with a look of pleasure, you shove your cock in deeper, rolling your hips into my face. I use my tongue, circling the tip then sucking you further in. My hands cup your balls and gently caress them, I move one hand up the shaft and suck your cock harder, you can't stop yourself from grabbing my hair and pulling my head to meet the rhthym of your thrusts. I feel your balls tightening, waiting to release your spunk. I slowly pull away watching your face, you know exactly what I want now and gently push me back onto the bed. You take your place between my thighs and kiss my inner thigh, your hot breath coupled with your clever tongue makes my body twitch. Your fingers part my outer lips and you bring your face close to my pussy, I raise my hips towards you........Want to hear the full recording?
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