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Robbie's phone sex blog - First time with another guy and first time dogging - 2008-04-24 11:50:45

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The First Touch

after the two disasters attempts at dogging we thought we try for an arranged meet,see if this worked for us,because just turning up on the off chance didnt work .. so we put an add on a site we belong too for a dogging meeting, and had few reply. back then the dogging forum was justin it infancy. the guy that answered us could only manage a day time meeting, now this threw me a bit, as i was always under the impression that dogging was only done at night {we were very naive back then} but in the end i agreed. he knew of a very quite place in some wood that he had used before , so we had to meet him at a Mc Donald's and he said for us to follow him... nervous is not the word for what i was feeling, but he pulled in to the car park waved at us, and we followed him out ... he was not partially good looking but then again im no super model myself, but he didn't repulse me, i thought he looked quite cute if the truth be known,

anyway we followed him for about 5 miles hubby saying all the time, you sure now, you sure you want to go through with it. i told him to just shut up and lets get on with it

We pulled in to this carpark it was pissing down with rain, hubby got out and introduced himself, mark thats his name said he'll stand back till i felt more at ease, and if i didn't, it was not a problem, we could always try another hubby got back in car and started to suck my tits and rub my pussy, i was so turned on know that this guy was only a few feet from us watching hubby expose more and more of my body, he got my tits out of my basque, if i remember i think he got the one out and i couldn't wait. & so i got the other out myself.... lol. i was so enjoying this guy looking at me, hubby started to rub my legs moving my skirt further and further up, until it was up over my belly, i opened my legs as wide as i could exposing my pink for them both to this time i was so wet i whispered to hubby that i wanted mark to touch me, so hubby indicated that i was ok for him to cumming closer and i was ok for him to touch me, which he did, then when he first put his hand on my now very wet pussy, it was like an electric shook going all through my body, it felt so good,and so right, not perverted or dirty as you would think you'd feel, then when they both started sucking my tits this total blew me away why the hell hadn't we dont this before, he then asked could he lick my pussy GOD ... i nearly cum there and then, he slowly rubbed my clit with his finger, he was taking me to my limits then he went down on me.. this was unbelievable his soft warm tongue was circling my clit and hubby still sucking my tits, they both fingered me, and he keep licked me till he made cum and cum.... wow this was so unbelievable i really can believe i had let a stranger do this to me ... this guy had just took me to places id never been before, and god i have every intention of going there time and time again in the future

the only problem was he was getting so wet with all the rain so i asked him if he'd like to get in the car and id give him a blow job, i really did need to return the favour now god I was getting so brave.. he jumped at the chance, telling us after how nervous he was, as he sat down he opened is jacket and i started to undo his trouser, he had white boxers on.... mmmmmmmmmmm those of you who know me know how i feel about those, my heart was racing then i put my hand in his boxers, and pulled out his cock..mmmmmm i adored it right from the start, the look, the feel, the smell, he was so clean, i couldn't wait to get it into my mouth, i circled the tip tasting his pre cum. {another one of my favourite things lol} i licked and sucked every inch, savouring every second, it wasn't long before he cum in my face and mouth mmmmm

god it felt so good to have another mans cum in my face, i had waited..NO we had waited so long to do this, it was a brilliant experience that will stay with us both for the rest of our lives i couldn't stop licking my lips all the way home.

So this was our, first dogging experience, i think perhaps we were lucky to have found such a nice guy for our first time, he was so very understanding and very gentle, he's done it many times he told us since, and he believes you should never be to pushy, we met him again twice after that, and on the last occasion he did fuck me, and i really enjoyed that too.... all i can say about dogging is give me more...

and boy over the past 8 years have i had more xxx Robbie

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