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angie babe's phone sex blog - glasgow train ride (part 3) - 2008-04-14 12:32:42

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i was so nervous as i clenched my thighs to grip his throbbing cock inside me, i will go all the way i really want to feel your cum inside me. he stopped thrusting holding his cock inside me , letting his sperm fill my pussy, he pulled out really slowly and i could feel the hot wet cum dripping from my clit onto my bum. i had never been so wet !
i started to get up and sort my self out but my legs we quivering so much i could hardly stand. i just got my panties in my hand when the door flew open. tickets please . all i could do was stand there with my panties in my hand! whats going on here then he said. my business man fell back with his drooping man hood and said i couldnt help myself, she wanted it. the ticket guy quickly closed the door, its against our policy you had better get dressed. he bent down to pick my skirt up as he looked up he got an eyeful of my naked pussy, god your wet i can see your juices dripping down your leg, would you like some help cleaning that up , he asked. have you got a tissue i could have please. i have one better than that my tongue! he started to lick the top of my stockings and work his way up to my clit. i stopped him and he said come on you know i have to report you or maybe i can turn a blind eye, just this once, what do you say? what could i do but to let him resume cleaning my wet juices, his eyes savouring my naked bottom, the stockings and my hot wet clit. so you like a good fucking then?
oh yes i love it! he started gently carressing my buttocks

Edited on 2008-04-14 12:47:04
i should really report you you know , oh but you wont will you i replied. i just stood there not knowing what to do . i felt him push his finger between the cheeks of my arse sliding it down towards my wet pussy, teasing my bum with my juices, you have a nice tight arse dont you. lets get it moist your pussy is so wet you could do with some . he deliberately pushed his finger in to my hot wet clit all the way to his knuckle, before pulling it slowly out then pushing it in again and getting into a steady erotic rhythm. with his other hand he started to undo the zip on his uniform trousers. i hope hes just going to wank on me i thought. all the time the businessman , now dressed, sat watching in delight! i would like to get dressed now i asked

Edited on 2008-04-14 13:52:04
i could see why he needed to release his hard cock, it almost burst the zip. he pulled his cock out, it was so stiff, pointing it immediately at my gaping clit he thrist it deep in to me. i groaned from the shock of the sudden hammering i was getting, i think more for the pleasure of a good fucking and my pussy was aching . we will be arriving at the station in 5 minutes, i wont keep you long!rnhe turned to the business man and asked if he would give him a hand pulling my clit wider, he stood up to oblige, and said i have some tissues for you babe when we are done and smiled.rnnow i had a cock hammering away in my pussy and my strangers fingers eagerly playing with my quim, i had never been so wet, i couldnt believe this was happening. thanks for your help mate he said but i think this horny lady needs to get on her knees im running out of time we are nearly there. he pulled his throbbing manhood out , suck it babe lick your juices off , i saw the size of his huge cock and gently started to lick , just as i was told to, i had to be good i didnt want to be reported! come on put my lenth in your mouth i know you want to suck it! i really wanted to , i grasped hold and started to suck , wow the sweet taste of my juices made me hungry for more!rni took his whole cock in , he started to pump and throb the more i sucked, he was going to climax! i was ready for him as i felt the train slowing down.rnthe explosion was coming my way, deep in my mouth i could taste the saltiness of his cum and the sweetness of my juices together, i couldnt waste a drop , i swallowed the whole lot. you better get dressed babe he said, helping me up from my knees, we are at the station. i still had three fingers in my pussy being finger fucked by my stranger, he lifted me gently up , and licked his fingers, passing me the tissues he said i will be on my way then, bye.rnthe ticket master gathered his senses and zipped himself up , bending over to pick up my panties, having just one last taste of my pussy before leaving the carriage. well i cleaned myself up, slipping back into my panties and mini skirt, made my way off the train and hailed down a taxi to my hotel.rnwhat a ride!!!
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