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angie babe's phone sex blog - fun-- in the shower! - 2008-04-11 10:06:35

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it was a hot sticky afternoon and i had been traveling all morning. i really needed a cool shower to refresh my self.
i arrived at my hotel and ripped my clothes off , put the radio on and went in the shower, i started to wash my body soaping up my breasts and legs. i thought i heard someone but wasnt expecting anyone for another hour. i carried on when i noticed a figure watching me through the shower curtain! there stood a really horny looking guy with piercing green eyes, what are you doing i asked you must be in the wrong room! he put his hand over my mouth and i was frozen to the spot, he said trust me....

Edited on 2008-04-11 12:38:04
quietly taking his clothes off, he stepped into the shower behind me,he started kissing my neck and shoulders as he took the soap from me , washing my body and smothering my tits with soap. thats going to be my hot spunk soon he whispered.slowly he worked his way down to my thighs , sliding his hand between my legs , i quivered with excitment , my heart was pounding, i didnt even know him....

Edited on 2008-04-15 12:06:04
he started to stroke my pussy quickly hitting the spot that makes you quiver with excitement, with his other hand he slowly moved away from my mouth to caress my wet nipple. i felt so horny and so wet , he started to bite my shoulder as i began to moan i felt the thrusting of his fingers deep inside my throbbing pussy. with the water pounding over my body you start getting your cock ready, i could feel wanking motions on my arse and thought im going to have the best fucking of my life. i had never had sex in the shower before and slowly relaxed to the thought of having this hard cock in my cunt!rni bent over slightly as you showered my pussy from behind, the water was so warm and inviting, that was when i felt his cock between my lips and enter me with one long stroke. with both my breasts in his hands now i could use the shower head on myself. i reached down turning the shower head between my legs, as the water hits my clit i start moaning louder and louder i can hardly contain myself! fuck me harder i beg, oh i want you so bad, fuck me

Edited on 2008-05-06 13:21:05
i was about to cum so i dropped the shower, i wanted to cum all over his cock , he grabbed me and spun me round " you had enough then" oh no i want you so bad he picked me up and carried me to the bed.rnyou start to dry me off with a towel and your lips follow, finding my ready swollen clit to start to suck and lick, i was so wet and couldnt control the thrusting of my hips, then he slid two fingers in ! oh how i wanted more.rni grabb at his balls and squeeze , " let me fuck your mouth" i opened my lips just slightly and took his cock in my hand , licking and teesing with my tongue.rnhe took hold of my head pushing me to his hard throbbing member, i opened my lips as my warm breath flows over your cock you thrust him in and told me to suck!my tongue caressing your tip in my mouth, my fingers circling on your balls, your hands running through my hair as i pump on your cock. you tell me to stop and lie on my backrnthis is what ive been waiting for, a good hard fuck, you lift my legs over your shoulders burying your cock deep inside me. rni close my eyes so i can dream about my chance meeting , wow , its amazing!rni can feel the thrusting working up to a frenzy , as i open them i can see those green eyes looking back at me , i want you to cum all over my cock hun. i was almost there, i squeezed so tightly just as i did, i felt a hot spirt of spunk so i let go as you started to suck my tit i felt my spasms of extasy, scratching down your back with my nails i had the best orgasm ever!! your cock was still pumping we both came so much......heaven!!!
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