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angie babe's phone sex blog - glasgow train ride (part 2) - 2008-04-10 15:37:33

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right now i really wanted to be fucked as i thrust my hot wet pussy into his face.he asked me to bend over the seat so i obliged and turned over, as he began to lick cautiously at my anus, recieving no objection he started to lick hungrily , slithering the whol length of his tongue over my tight hole! he just kept teasing me with the tip of his tongue , pushing it in slightly. i was loving every moment wondering what his intentions would be. i had never done this before and he was teaching me something new. then he thrust his tongue deep inside my pussy , he knew i wanted him as i orgasmed over his face! my thighs bucked with rampant pleasure as my stanger rubbed my hot pussy juices over my arse. i couldnt move , feeling that my knees would buckle beneath me , i let the strangers hands stray down between my legs, he wanted to play, he started pulling at my wet labia lips, three or four fingers pushing in and out of my clit, he must have known i was ready for it by now!
i opened my legs wide fuck me sir fuck me, turn around he said ,i replyed no i want you to fuck me from behind , not knowing if he was going to put it in my bum, but i had to take the risk i wanted it so bad! i was kneeling on the carrage seat waiting, my pussy aching, i arched my back and felt the thick hard end of his cock.....

Edited on 2008-04-14 11:45:04
i pushed my bottom up even more , almost forcing him on to me, i could feel the thick end of his cock touching my wet lips, then i felt him push deep inside me.rnthe train was rocking crazily as it raced over some points, the sudden movements adding to his long slow thrusts. he started moving faster and faster i could tell he was about to climax. he was getting rough as he hammered his big cock inside me, i noticed the carriage door was not locked and panic set in. the ticket master hadnt been round yet. i think we should stop a while , just in case we get caught, we havent shown our tickets i said. no he said you have shown me much more than that !!! you said you were going all the way.
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