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angie babe's phone sex blog - glasgow train ride - 2008-04-10 12:40:34

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my cab arrived at the station just as my train was coming in. i had been rushing around all morning, getting hot and sweaty! I couldnt miss my train, i tried to pay when the taxi driver kindly said have it on me darling so i said thanks and rushed off.
The ticket collecter whistled at me and i was feeling rather sexy!
I took my place on the train , sitting by the window thinking about the arrival at glasgow and meeting my man.
I was getting horny, wearing my mini skirt and boots, black lace panties and stockings.
then a businessman came into my carriage, briefcase and suit, i love a man in a suit! he said 'are you going all the way'

Edited on 2008-04-10 13:09:04
i replied yes to glasgow. He sat down opposite me and started looking at my legs, i was a bit concious as my skirt was so short, expecting to tease my man on arrival. Then out of the blue he asked 'do you like sex'rni smiled and looked down shyly 'yes' i replied. Would you mind if i sat next to you he asked , and without a thought he stood up and moved.rni was getting wet, god, i wanted this stranger to screw me!! he asked if there was any one special and to my surprise i said no, i like lots of guys!rncould i really play his game????rnwe wont be disturbed untill we arrive you know and i think you are a sexy little thing.rnHe stood up and pulled the blind down, as he sat back down his hand rand up my leg, it felt so good my panties were getting wet!rnIwas trembling as he moved his hand slowly over my knee and i let it slide up to my stockings. Now i could feel his flesh on mine, his fingers touching the leather of my panties.rnI started to groan with excitement as his fingers started to caress my slit, tracing the shape of me, i pushed him away feeling all the wetness begin to flood as my pent up frustrations took over.rn'Take them off' 'Take them off' i beggedrnhe pushed both his hands up my tiny skirt and clasped hold of both sides, i raised my bum as my stranger pulled them down , over my stockings. I satback with my legs wide open , heels on the seat, playin suggestivley with my pussy lips, i know he wanted me, will he take me?rnHe watched for a moment , enjoying the view, then moved towards me burying his head in my crotch!rnI caught my breath as i felt his tongue slide around my pussy lips, teasing and stimulating me, licking deep and sucking my juices. Then his tongue found my bud licking and sucking me close to orgasm.rnI really wanted him to fuck me now, should i as him.......
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