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Lovely Louisa's phone sex blog - Buckets of Rain - 2008-04-07 21:00:22

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The other night I was talking on the telephone to a man I have never met before. We had been talking for quite sometime. He was the best person I had ever had phone sex with and he was extremely good with his words, it was like he was right there with me.

Well the next morning I got up early, stopping at an erotic shop opting for a seven inch, pink vibrator that I automatically called Sandy. I left the store proud of my new purchase, and headed to my car only to realize that I needed batteries for it or I would not get the full effect, so I stopped off at a stationary store.

After that, I got back onto the A road, listening to the radio, heading towards the town centre. That is when the idea of using my new pink toy, right then and there, popped into my head. So as I was driving I pulled it out of its box and inserted the batteries, turning it on increasing the speed. Wow! I thought, is my clit going to like this? As I was wearing a short skirt, and no tights it would be quite easy for me to slide the crotch of my panties to one side.

At this point I had second thoughts, what are you doing? I said to myself. What if you get arrested and your husband has to bail you out? What the heck! I thought, you only live once. I set my left foot up just below the dash, I drive an automatic you see, and then I slid my panties over revealing my freshly shaven awaiting pussy. I grabbed Sandy again, and turned it on, keeping it at the slowest speed, I could feel my juices stirring just from the humming sound it was making.

I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as the excitement of cars passing me and the thought of being naughty and being seen crossed my mind but thrilled me even more. As I held onto the steering wheel with one hand, I teased my clit with the tip of my vibrator, sending an electric current up my spine. I turned the speed up, and moved the tip of it in circles. I taunted and teased the opening of my slit, not allowing my hand to slip in quite yet as I wanted to wait until I was good and wet.

As the A Road started getting busier and more vehicles passed by me, I was getting hornier and actually looked to see if other drivers and passengers looked at me. Some did and I smiled at the male ones. All of a sudden this one guy was right next to me and I was so hot from playing around that I decided that I would give him a show. I held up my vibrator showing him and since my pussy was ready, I inserted my fake cock and thought I was going to cum right there. It was so intense but I waited wanting this to be a great orgasm. I turned up the speed a bit as my pussy lips wrapped themselves around it, continuing to insert a little more of it at a time until I had taken all that I could, inserting and exiting with long, slow strokes.

I really had to concentrate on the road as this act was sending me over the edge. I began moving Sandy in and out of my pussy faster, moving my hips as much as I could to meet the thrusts of my hand. It felt so good that I found myself moaning and my body temperature was getting warm. As I was nearing climax I kept fucking my pussy with my vibrator and could feel my juices starting to trickle. So I turned it up even more and thrust it in and out, I was in heaven, I was Cumming like I had never cum before. I continued to slide it in and out of my now dripping hot pussy, feeling the muscles tighten in my legs, as my body began to quiver.

I gripped the steering wheel tighter and just let my orgasm be in control. It was so powerful that I thought I was not going to be able to stop my pussy from its contractions. I became lightheaded, and was moaning as loud as I could. As my body began to come back to its normal self, that is when I took my juice covered toy out of my pussy. I looked to see if that guy was still beside me and he was. I waved, blew him a kiss and drove off. I was so exhausted from that orgasm but it was so beautiful. I wanted to tell the man I had spoken to the night before all about my new experience and how it was because of him that I had the greatest orgasm ever. Sadly though I could not because I didnt know when I would speak to him again.

Just at that moment my husband called me from his business trip, he knew something was up. I could not help it, I confessed. (not about the man on the phone of course) I think he was really turned on by what I had done, it was hard to tell but he made me promise that, I would never do it in the car again because he didn't want me getting into an accident. Anyway, enough about him, I hope you enjoyed hearing about what I got up to. If you only knew how hot I am right now from telling you this, you would call me right now to get a piece of the action.

Go on darling, call me

All my Love

Louisa xXx

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