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Ebony Cunt's phone sex blog - FUCK MY SENSUAL PUSSY - 2008-03-25 02:13:46

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Smooth, cool silk gently binds my hands at the wrists, and then to the headboard, firm, but with just enough slack to allow me to move a little and not be too uncomfortable. I can see the bulge growing in your jeans, as you gaze over me. You love to see me lying there helpless, submitting myself to your desires. My sheer black bra barely covers my erect nipples, and my matching panties are already showing a moist spot.

As I watch you taking off your shirt, I am so turned on by the sight, watching your arm and chest muscles ripple, my rapid breathing tells you that I am enjoying my current status. Removing your jeans you stand over me, naked, your cock hard, swollen, a drop of pre-cum already oozing from you.
We haven't spoken a word, just the soft strains of Tony Joe White floating through the room. I let out a soft gasp as your fingertips gently trace down the inside of my arms, raising goose bumps, my nipples growing harder and larger, pushing desperately against my bra. You run your fingers down my arms, across my shoulders, collarbone, and down my cleavage, soft, gentle, barely touching my skin. I can feel the energy emanating from your body to mine.

I twist against the restraints, arching my back, trying to push my breasts closer to you. I am longing to have you touch my nipples. Instinctively my legs spread wide even though you haven't touched me there yet and my panties are now soaked, the smell of my sex mixing with the music in the air.

Slowly you trace down my body, avoiding my nipples, you outline my breasts, and then down over my stomach, your fingers spread wide, just grazing my skin. I suck in a sharp breath as you trace over my panties, just avoiding my clit and lips, down the outside of my thighs and legs, then slowly back up the inside. We go on like this, you softly tracing over my body, your finger tips loving my smooth, soft, silky skin, you are avoiding the areas that I am most desperate for you to touch, causing me to stir, strain against the ties that bind, searching for your fingers to bring me satisfaction.

Without warning you release my bra, freeing my breasts.

Equally without warning you dribble strawberry flavored lube over my chest, causing me to gasp at the cool, unexpected sensation. Slowly you circle my nipples with the tips of your fingers, spreading the lube over me. I arch my back higher and pout every time you stop, but then gasp again as you dribble more lube over my breasts and down over my stomach. The feel of your fingers and the lube sends jolts of electricity through my body. I begin to writhe and moan.

Grabbing my lube covered breasts with your hands you massage them more forcefully. Straining I desperately want to feel your cock, your body, but try as I might I cannot.

By now I am dripping wet, soaking my panties, thighs, the bed. The bedroom is a mix of my sex, strawberry lube, soft music, perfume and my desperate moans.

Suddenly you replace your fingers with your tongue, gently tracing over my nipples, breasts, neck, just barely allowing the tip of your tongue to graze my lips, allowing me the slightest taste of the lube.

I moan louder as your tongue traces lower, over my stomach, across my thighs, so close to my clit, which you can clearly see through the wet material. Licking up my inner thighs you come so close to my wetness, I tense with anticipation, thrusting my pussy upwards in a desperate attempt to feel your tongue.

Instead, without warning a buzz breaks the air as you suddenly thrust a vibrator at full speed against my clit. The shock causes me to jolt and pull against my restraints.

I quickly get over the initial surprise and begin to eagerly rub my clit against the vibe. Taking your time you run it over me, down my wet parted lips, against my ass. My panties are so wet they may as well not be there, so laying the vibe on the bed, you grab them with both hands and strip them off in one quick movement.

I gasp as the cool air hits my soaking pussy, but then gasp even louder as just as quickly as my panties are off you are pouring lube over my clit and spreading it with the tip of your tongue. Spreading my legs wide your tongue spreads strawberry lube over my pussy.

As I frantically grind against your tongue you slowly push the vibe deep into my cunt, feeling the buzz through my clit and onto your tongue. By now there is no holding me back, pulling hard now against the restraints, I scream and moan as I explode, contracting so hard I actually slow the buzz of the vibe for a second. My legs clamp onto your head with such force that I am afraid I might crush you. You keep licking and sucking my clit while the vibe stays buried in me and my orgasm continues for several minutes as I writhe on the bed.

Finally you remove the vibrator.

By now you are so hard you are afraid if you touch yourself you will explode immediately. Taking a second to regain your composure you just stand over me, watching me slowly twist and struggle, moaning low, but you are not done just yet. Grabbing my thighs you turn me onto my stomach, and then grab my ass and pull it into the air, so I am on my elbows and knees, my wrists still tied to the headboard.

It is your turn now, and you need to fuck me.

Getting on your knees behind me, you lean down so your mouth is by my ear.

"I'm going to fuck you" you whisper as quietly as you can, your tongue barely touching my ear as you speak.

"Yes" I moan in a low, throaty, guttural voice

"What?" you ask more forcefully

"Fuck me" I reply immediately "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy"

Smiling, you let the tip of your throbbing cock rub over my wet, lube covered lips and across my clit, causing me to twitch.

"What do you want?" you tease

"Your cock" I scream, pushing back against you, desperate to feel you inside me.

"Fuck me please, oh god, fuck me, fuck your slut"

At that you grab my hips with both hands and you bury yourself in me with no warning. We know this isn't going to be a marathon session, but a fast, furious, hard fuck. I am so wet from cum and lube that despite being tight there is almost no resistance. Immediately you begin to fuck me. No slowly working up to it, no gentle lovemaking, you pound me as you reach up and grab my breasts. I am just as horny and pound back against you with equal fervour.

"Cum in me" I moan as you feel the first tremor start to ripple through my body

As soon as my pussy contracts on your cock you explode.

No warning, no possibility of holding back, you erupt with thick ropes of hot cum. The feel of it sends me even higher, I push back even harder, contracting more forcefully, and continuing to scream, by now I am unintelligible, animalistic. It completely fills me, overflowing out of me, onto your balls, my thighs, the bed, until finally, we both collapse, you still on top of me.

Neither of us noticing that I am still tied to the bed.
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