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Black Beauty's phone sex blog - Fredrico and my arse - 2008-01-25 14:06:49

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Wow, I feel so rejuvenated.

My male masseuse usually comes to my house every Friday morning to take away all my aches and pains.

I have my own little private sanctuary in the basement, complete with a massage bed and my secret collection of sex toys. Well hubby has his Den and it is only fair that I have one as well.

Fredrico has been providing massage treatments on me for a month now and has been completely professional until now. A couple of weeks ago he was massaging my tight arse and as his fingers edged nearer and nearer to my arsehole, I could feel an orgasm coming on. But then he moved his hands away. He must have seen my pussy juices slipping down my leg.

Then last week, he did the same thing, except whilst I was laying on my front he sat on my legs and although he was fully clothed I could feel his growing member against the lips of my pussy and arse hole. I then shuffled down the massage bed a bit and kind of shoved my arse against him and do you know what? He completely ignored what I had done and continued kneading my bum. He did another 5 mins of massage on me and promptly left. I was disappointed to say the least.

So today I decided not to get my hopes up and just get massaged. I was lying on my front and Fredrico was kneading my bum again. He then said that I should lift my arse a little as he had hurt his back and could not get as low as he usually does. So I did what he said and before I knew it his huge hard cock was in my arse. I nearly came there and then.. I came up on all 4 fours and that is when all the fun and games started.

Listen to the attached recording to hear how Fredrico fucked me good and proper and if you listen very carefully you will hear me fingering myself as I finish the tale.
There is no recording for this blog entry