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SexyNurseAdvice's phone sex blog - Open Wide & Get Serviced - 2007-12-11 06:04:18

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Open Wide & let me service your needs

Who I am?

I'm a Nice Nosey Night Nurse, but sometimes I'm a Nasty Naughty Sex Coach.

Either way, I'm here to heal you.

Who are you:

MY rape & incest victims ashamed
My post traumatic stigma degraded phone sex fetish humiliation LOVERS

You can call to DISCUSS anything with me ::

Is sex safe with a ______________ ???

My girlfriend is very young - will her hymen hurt me or please me?

Having an affair ?

Interested in sticking a rubber cock in your arse, but is it wrong if I cum?

Did I really do bad thing with the neighbor last week?

Is it nasty if I swear during sex??

What's wrong in trapping a person with sex / pregnancy?

Should I hire a sex partner?

Do U secretly meet your boss lover 4 illicit sex?

Can't Cum? Need a Prescription???

Come see me ? Are you USING sexual enhancement drugs? Enzyte, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra?

Confession of your desire for a plump poo nanie pussy with some black ass trim is OK too !!

Do U take mood medication & it is caused a prolonged knotty painful testicles or penis shaft erections?

Have you experienced pelvic congestion?

Have you masturbated to injury & had a balanitis rash? bruise? perineal injury?

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Are you not very happy with "who you are" ?

Let's Talk One On One
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