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SpanishEyez's phone sex blog - My 1st Time - 2007-11-01 16:51:47

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Well the feeling of feeling something coming in and out of you is just wonderful. The sensation is just to make you fly away. My 1st time I was alone at my house. All my family were at a family party thing. I stayed home, don'r remember why! John was my parent's friend and was working on our home and stayed with us for a little while. I liked him for so long.. I was too afraid to tell him.. I thought he'd never like me. Any who, John came home from work ( he worked late so didn't make it to the party ) and was tired. he jumped in the shower and left the cracked open. i was passing by when I see him getting dried. he was naked and instead of turning around and head the other direction I keep looking untill he walked out and caught me! He was naked with only a towel around his waist. I was embarrased but he just smile and walked to his room. I was already kind of horny so I followed him and pretended I was goin to ask him something when he drops the towel to the ground!!! I didn't know how to react! He grab me by the hand and put it on his hard wet dick. Well what could I do... So I started giving him a hand job! Wow! Then i went down with a blow job and sucked his dick. He grabbed my hair and slamed his cock all the way down my throat. I couldn't believe it... By this time I was burning with passion. He picked me up started kissing my neck than my lips untill and at the same time undressing me... he smelled so good and frashed. He put me against the wall and started bangging me. We go to the bed next. Im on my back he comes down to my licking my pussy. By this time you can just imagine the atmosphere... I stoped him, not because i didn't like it but because I was ready for more banging... he's on top of me coming in me softly than little by little he picks up the speed untill I can't handle it no more. By this time Im screaming and moaning like an animal. He turns me over and humps me doggie style ( my fav ) while playing with my huge breast. Now it was my time to dominate and I jump on him doin him like there is no tomorrow, he cam in me. It was a weird feeling but kinky. It felt so good. After and hour and a half we stop. it was weird looking at each other. He kisses me very passionate and kinky while holding my one of my breasts in his hand. I went and shower and so did he ( again, lol ). After this encounter with him, we keep messing around a few times untill his girlfriend came back from from Perth!
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