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SpanishEyez's phone sex blog - In front of strangers - 2007-11-01 16:28:27

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It was a couple of years ago, Marie and I were on our way back from the Northwest coast of the Victoria, and we had to stop for a rest in a service station. As I was laying down and resting , We parked on the edge of the car park behind a van so we wouldnt be disturbed. When all of a sudden, we happened to notice two guys sitting in a van and staring at us. My skirt had ridden up just below my panties, showing all of my legs. Marie and I were so turned on by this. So turned on that we decided to give them something to look at. WE kissed slowly.. massaging our tounges together, then, I slowly undressed her.. trying to not tear off her clothes. I slowly slid my finger into her wet, tight pussy as she leaned back and moaned, then I glided my tounge over her clit, moving in tiny circles.. Call me to hear more of what happened that night......
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