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Ebony_Michelle's phone sex blog - The "boyfriend" is back.. - 2007-08-29 18:34:47

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Well everyone the saga continues. My boyfriend finally came back, and hubby has to deal with it. We partied like rockstars like we always do. Porn on the big screen TV,drinks nearby. It first began with a marathon blowjob session that lasted for a few hours and involved my tongue doing some searching... to my surprise, he blindfolded me, bent me over and started shaving my pussy. It was so sexy. He shaved me all bare except for one strip of hair.LOL. Then to my ultimate surprise he bent over me with his cock still in my mouth he leaded over me which mad his cock go deeper and started eating my pussy and ass, what a JOY! Then fun with toys which made me cum so hard I almost fainted. The finally slamming in my pussy grabbing my hair the sliding it right into my juicy a** for a finish. Hows that for a welcome back?
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