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Madame Spanky's phone sex blog - Panty man. - 2007-08-21 03:55:31

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The other day I caught one of my subs wanking whilst sniffing a pair of my panties. He hadn't heard me enter the bathroom and I caught him in the act. And what do you think you are doing? I demanded. He muttered some reply, whilst trying to stuff the panties back in the washing basket. So, you little pervert, you like soiled panties do you? He went really red in the face. You're a pathetic little panty sniffer arent you? I asked him. Yes Madame, he mumbled. I slapped his face. Yes, a pathetic little slut who likes to smell Madames panties. Well you're going to have to be punished! I hitched up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops, suspenders and black panties. I buried his face into the gusset and made him lick and suck it. I'll teach you to masturbate over my panties you little bitch, I said.

I took my panties off and stuffed them into his mouth. You want them so much, you can eat them, I told him. Perhaps you wouldd like a little something to help them go down as well! I pushed him to the floor and knelt over his face and squirted a stream of pee right into his pathetic mouth. When he was soaked I allowed him to spit the panties out. Now lick me clean!, I ordered him.

When he had done I told him to sit on the toilet. I took the soaking panties and placed them over his face. I called in a few of the other Mistresses and made him wank again while we all stood and laughed at him, telling him how pathetic he was at wanking and what a tiny cock he had. Despite this he eventually managed to make a thin trickle of cum ooze out of his cock, whereupon one of the Mistresses scooped it up and made him suck every drop off her finger. If I ever catch you NEAR my panties again I will flog you mercilessly, I told him.

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