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Ebony_Michelle's phone sex blog - cant wait - 2007-08-09 06:42:46

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I'm married yeah but i have a boyfriends..Even though my realtime-boyfriend is an a** to me, he finally gave me "some" a few weeks ago...Thats ok becaue my sexy men here have been taking care of me...Everyone has been so good to me lately! helping me to feel horny...i've been so horny rubbing my pussy thinking about all those hard gorgeous cocks i can lick and suck...i love when you call me an make me rub my pussy until it drips and i want to lick you back and taste your salty load...youre so good to me. keep it cumming,you make this naughty wife happy! call me and ill let you what my boyfriend and i get up to...but forget him, its all about you.. michelle xoxoox
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