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Madame Spanky's phone sex blog - The pathetic worm - 2007-07-26 16:47:14

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As you may know if you've ever spoken to Madame, I like sex and PLENTY of it! Imagine my disgust at having a man round to get down and dirty with, only to find he had the tiniest cock I had ever seen! And what do you expect me to do with THAT little maggot? I asked him. He went very red in the face and said sorry madame. It wouldn't even touch the sides, I told him, it's no use to ME. He looked down at the floor and started mumbling. I slapped his face and told him what a pathetic little bitch he was. There was only one thing for it. I got out my strap-on and made him measure his cock against it. This is the size of cock I'm used to, not THAT little chipolata I laughed. Now, get on your knees and suck it, I ordered him. I pushed my dildo into his mouth and made him suck it hard, made him gag on it, made his mouth water on it. When it was nice and wet I got him on his hands and knees and slid my strap-on into his tight arse. His little cock got really hard and he started rubbing it between two fingers. I fucked him hard and fast and he was moaning loudly. When I thought he had had enough I took my strap-on off and let him push his little cock into my wet pussy. Is that the best you can do, I said, laughing at him. I was laughing so hard I didn't realise he had cum. I'm done Madame, he said. Too right you no-hoper, I told him, now get out before my friends turn up, or you'll be in for some REAL humiliation...
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