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Shaven Haven's phone sex blog - Shark attack! - 2007-07-14 17:41:18

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Sometimes when I'm playing with my pussy this is what I fantasise about...

I'm on a beautiful sandy beach and decide to go for a swim to cool off. I swim quite far out and as I turn round to come back I notice a shark's fin between me and the beach. I start to panic as there's no escape. The fin comes towards me, and just as I think I'm about to become shark bait an arm reaches out of nowhere and scoops me up onto a surfboard. With a bit of manoevering we land back on the beach. I turn to look at my rescuer and gasp when I see this tall, muscular, tanned hunk. I collapse onto the sand and he thinks I need the kiss of life so he puts his mouth over mine. Immediately I push my tongue out and run it around his lips and explore his mouth. I take his hand and place it on one of my big tits, he starts squeezing it, working his fingers over my hard nipple, then getting his mouth round it and sucking on it. His fingers stroke down my stomach and over my bikini bottoms, undoing them and taking them off. His fingers encounter my lovely smooth pussy and he moans softly, stroking my pussy lips and running his fingers over my swollen clit. Soon his mouth is over my pussy, his tongue running up and down it, over my clit and down to my wet hole. He pulls apart my pussy lips and slides his fingers deep inside me, slowly fucking me, making my pussy wetter and wetter. Then he leans over me and I can see his big hard cock before it disappears into my tight wet pussy. He lifts my legs over his shoulders so that he can get his cock in nice and deep, and starts to fuck me harder and faster. I pull on my nipples, stretching them and pinching them as he fucks me. I feel him pull his cock out and just as I think he's done, he pushes it into my tight little ass, stretching it around his big cock, making me moan loudly with pleasure. I rub my fingers over my clit before pushing them into my soaking pussy, fucking it while his hard cock rams into my ass. As I carry on fucking myself he pulls his cock out and comes and kneels next to my face. He pushes his cock into my mouth, I can taste myself on it as he slides it in and out, pushing it deeper into my mouth each time. I come with a loud moan just as his hot cum splashes onto my face....
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