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melissa's phone sex blog - my great threesome - 2007-06-13 15:11:54

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my fantasy has always been to have a threesome cause i abousoulty love sex and can,t get enough and now im single all i have to play with is my toys and that not enough for me with my high sex drive so i decided to go out for a bit i went to the park to enjoy the lovly sunny weather so i sat down on the grass poured myself a drink and layed back then 3 guys came over they sat down next to me told me just how sexy i looked in my little pink skirt with my cute arse and a tight vest top which was showing off my cleavage and a nice pair of high heel sandals with toes good enough to eat so i started talking to the guys but then one off them started stroking his hand up my legs just that alone made me moist i was gagging so i let him carry on he then started to take my clothes off and one of the other guys started licking and sucking my big tits ohh it felt so nice he really loved my tits and then the third guy put his cock in my mouth i was so turned on i could,nt stop i took it in my mouth and gave him a real good blowjob this was my dream come true three guys all at once i then had a tongue going deep in my wet warm pussy licking up all my sweet juices right at that moment i just wanted a cock in all my holes so i bent right over and took a cock in my wet wet pussy one in my tight tight bum hole and one in my mouth it was the best feeling ever they spunked all over me and in every hole and then i tasted each one of there cocks in my mouth after they fucked me so i got them hard again and took there load down my throat gulgled a bit then swallowed hmmmmm i would love to have a threesome again i will never forget that day .
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