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Madame Spanky's phone sex blog - In your dreams! - 2007-06-08 11:53:55

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I'm sat on my bed and I'm aware that you're watching me but I pretend not to notice your presence. I've just put on my PVC peep-hole bra and crotchless knickers and now I pull on my fishnet stockings. I study myself in the mirror. I look so hot with my tits and pussy just peeping out. I run my hands over my nipples, making them hard. It makes my pussy throb and I let out a soft moan before cupping my pussy in my hand. I slide a finger along my wet slit and tease my hard little clit. I can feel my pussy getting wet now, and I can hear your breathing getting faster, I know you're playing with your lovely stiff cock now. I bend over and reach for my love beads and start feeding them one at a time into my tight little ass until they are all inside me. Next I take a dildo, and opening my legs really wide I start pushing it into that wet hole, working it in and out, fucking myself. I'm about to come but need your help now. 'Come and join me' I say. I get on all fours, sticking my as right up in the air. Now I can really fuck myself hard. 'Pull them out' I instruct you. You push a finger into my ass, taking hold of the first love bead, and start to withdraw them slowly, you know I like it like that. I feel myself start to come and I push that dildo in and out really quickly until my body starts to shudder, and my pussy juice gushes down my legs, soaking my stockings. 'Now lick them clean!' I tell you, and you drop to your knees, ever the willing little slut...
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