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Ebony_Michelle's phone sex blog - midnite snack - 2007-05-11 21:17:59

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i met a guy online. He said he liked to eat pussy. So when we decided to meet there was one catch, we could only meet at night (11pm-1am). He had a balcony door that I could get in and out of without going through the front door. Honestly Im not really sure what he looked like, I probably couldnt recognize him in the day if he walked into me. I could tell he was young with blonde hair and he would say hello and be polite then say, can you take off you pants please hed go through a ritual of sniffing my panties then slowly sliding them off and eating my pussy. First he would bristle his face again my soft pussy hair where I could feel his hot breath. The he would go in for the kill, licking my clit sucking my pussy lips fingering me, its was insane cause I had to not scream so he gave me a pillow to scream into it wasnt enough though. My grunts and yells came through as he ate me through multiple orgasms. Hed say, "cream on my tongue let me taste you." and I had already came so much that I was ready for the big cum where I almost break the guys neck I came so hard. And there it came like rain gushing on his tongue. I lay there in momentary bliss. This went on for 3 months and I still never knew his real name nor did he know mine&
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