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teasy's phone sex blog - read on - 2007-05-08 21:57:13

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I am your best friends girlfriend, and I had invited you round for a drink. Rob and myself sat on the sofa whilst you were sat in the chair opposite. The lazy sod hadnt even bothered to get dressed after his shower and was lounging about in his boxer shorts. The film we was watching was boring me rigged and I was feeling so horny! I began to rub Robs groin, I knew you had noticed instantly which turned me on so much more. Robs long hard cock was throbbing. He was aware of you watching now and he looked at me and said (behave we have company) I replied with (I am sure Dave dont mind) you looked at me and said with a grin on youre face (dont mind me carry on) So I proceeded to release his hard cock from his shorts gently caressing it. I turned to you and said (Dave strip off and come an sit over here) you didnt need any persuasion stood up an eagerly striped naked. You sat on the sofa next to Rob.I knelt down on the floor in front of you both gasping at seeing your hard cock.I took a cock in each hand and begin to glide my hand slowly up and down your throbbing cocks. I let go of Robs cock and move between your knees and gently tease your cock with my tongue moving it up and down then resting it on the tip. I took hold of your hand and placed it on Robs cock. At first it looks like he is about to shove you away but as you start to wank him he relaxes and lets out a little gasp. At this point I am so turned on! I Sit on the chair opposite and begin rubbing my clit a sliding my fingers into my wet pussy. I realize I am the one in controle of this game and that I can make either of you do anything my filthy mind wants you to do! I look at you and say (Dave get on your knees an suck his cock for me) youve never done this before but youre eager to please and very excited. So you do as youre told kneel down and take his throbbing cock in your mouth sucking an licking it as eagerly as you did your fist ever lolley pop. I came over to join in. I tell NAME to stand and bend over the arm of the sofa I put my hand round the front of him and wank him and tell you to lick his arse. You obey my command and tease his arseole with your tongue. Then when he seems relaxed I move back over to the chair an continue to masturbate whilst enjoying every second of watching you (you filthy boy licking his arse) until I cant take any more. I cant wait any longer; I need you to give it to him. Give him what youve wanted to give him so long. Give him what he as been waiting for! So I order you (Do it fuck him.) You dont need no encouragement you gently push your hard throbbing cock in tight arse and hes loving it wanking himself as you fuck him harder and faster. Im coming already no longer able to contain myself. I come over an position myself so that I can get his cock in my mouth and start sucking whilst you continue fucking harder an hes groaning with pleasure both of you feel like youre ready to explode an cant hold back any longer! You both cum at the same time. Him in my mouth and you up his arse both with moans of delight id never heard before, and both with the biggest smile!!
Written by Teasy your Temptress (

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