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Louisa's phone sex blog - My holiday - 2006-08-01 14:35:37

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I went on holiday to crete a few weeks back and it was a real scorcher. I went on my own just to pamper myself and to read books on the beach whilst topping up my tan.

On the second day I popped into a local cafe/club for a bite to eat after spending the day on a nudist beach eyeing up lots of sexy tanned women. I was quite turned on, but planned to sort myself out with my fingers when I got back to the hotel.
The man who served me was good looking and stared at my legs in my short shorts as he took my order. I felt my clit throb as he looked at me.
He brought my drink over and sat down to chat asking where I was from and what type of music I liked. We chatted for a while until some more customers came in and he went off to serve them.
About 15mins later he came back with my food and a complimentary glass of wine. I said to him ' are you trying to get we drunk' he replied 'do I need to get you drunk or will you just fuck me anyway'
I laughed, downed my drink took him by his hand and dragged him out of the cafe. We walked to my hotel neither of us saying a word.
As soon as we were in my room I got on my knees, undid his shorts pushed them to the floor and released his hard cock. I ran my hand over it slowly teasing him whilst he gasped. I could feel him throbbing so opened my mouth wide and took him into me. He thrust back and forth so he was fucking my face. His cock went down my throat whilst I played lightly with his balls. I looked up at him and could see how much he was loving this.
I started to slowly put my spare hand inside my knickers and feel my dampness. He saw me doing so, took is cock from my mouth and threw me over the chest of draws. He turned me round so I was facing away from him and he removed each item of my clothes slowly until I was wearing just my black sheer thong. He pushed the thong to one side and touched my pussy, feeling my slit and how slick it was. He moved his hand up to my clit and moved it round and round until I was near to cumming. He threw me on to the bed so I was on all four and he thrust inside me, filling me with his 9inch thick cock. He groaned as he gradually managed to fit his entire length up me. I pushed back on to him showing I was willing to take every inch.

He grabbed my blonde hair and spanked my arse whilst pumping me faster and faster, making me scream out loud as I came. He spanked me harder and harder and pulled his cock out to jizz his hot white cum across my arse. He licked the cum of my arse and proceeded to kiss my full on the mouth, before licking my clit slowly until I came across his smiling face.

That is one holiday I will never forget.
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