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Louisa's phone sex blog - My night in with my dildo - 2006-07-31 13:06:47

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It was a cold night and I was really bored stuck indoors just wathcing TV so my mind started to wonder. My mind drifted to my collection of naughty toys.

My name is Louisa, I'm 5ft 5 and from London. I have blonde waist length hair and lightly tanned skin with some cute freckles. My breasts are large on my uk size 10 body, they are 32D, very pert with pink hard nipples.

When I was younger I developed the most insatiable of sexual appetites. I touched myself at least 2-3 times each day, sometimes filling my pussy with whatever I could find- from candles to brush handles. Now in my 20's not much has changed.

I went up to my bedroom to where I keep my toy chest, as I like to call it, by this point I had stripped off all my clothes and my nipples were rock hard. By now I could fel a trickle of warmth start to creep down my inner thigh, I was already wet! My smooth wet clit felt so slick as I crouched down to open my toy chest.

I have managed to accumulate quite a few toys over the last while, mostly dildos and vibrators.

My current fave is a dildo, a large pink dildo, it is 2 inches thick and 10 inches long with a suction cup to stick it to the floor on the end........................
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