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Title: Not quite what you expected, but all the same....
You eagerly greased up the dildo with some lubricant and positioned yourself on hands and knees, loving the feel of the silky, nylon stockings you were wearing as you eased the life like cock slowly in to your wet, stretched asshole. It burned some going in, but once you had adjusted to it the full... [more]
- 2017-03-10 16:11:34
Title: MeRrY ChRiStMaS...
It's that time of year again, I know its a little early, but I like to get in first, not all of us like a sloppy second! so as we all hope for lots of the white stuff during this exciting time of year I'd like to wish you all everything you wish for with a cherry on top and then some. a special th... [more]
- 2016-12-05 17:40:29
Title: Apology.....
As most of you will have realised by now there is a fault with the site, meaning calls are not getting through. admin are aware of the issues. I am disappointed that during this time i am not able to provide what you need, i appreciate it's frustrating, it is for me also, please understand it is no... [more]
- 2016-09-05 18:39:54
Title: Mmmm...
You next felt the cold lube from your wife’s fingers deftly touch your anus, circling your hole painstakingly slowly, smearing it evenly over your tight puckered fuck hole, unexpectedly but perhaps not, you felt her index finger slowly slide inside you It wasn’t entirely unpleasant yo... [more]
- 2016-06-03 18:51:57
Title: Mmmmm spunk...
Tracing her lips with her eager tongue Bernice pleaded..I want it! .. I want to taste it! Nathan smiled and cocked his head to the side, pumping his engorged cock faster, im sorry baby, squinting he asked ..What is it ya want? Digging her fingernails into his thighs she pleaded,please, I want... [more]
- 2016-03-14 12:12:00
You did as you were told and grappled and squeezed Robert's buttocks as you pulled his stiffening penis into your wet mouth, as far as it would go, moaning as you worked on his helmet and teased his long, slippery shaft with your eager tongue. You could feel him pulsing as he stretched your mouth, f... [more]
- 2015-12-31 14:58:05
Title: *M*e*r*r*y***C*h*r*i*s*t*m*a*s************
Just a quickie! to wish all you lovlies a Merry Christmas, a special thank you to my regular guys, you know who you are and the reasons I love you hehe I hope the following year brings you happiness, good health and plenty to smile about with a splashing of all things deliciously naughty and wet x... [more]
- 2015-12-21 19:16:20
Title: Mondays..
I have been available on Mondays for a long while and some of my regular guys have known to find me here on Monday during the day. From here on it's unlikely that I shall be around during the Monday daytime as I have commitments in my 'proper' job ;) lol However I shall pop in between meetings n ... [more]
- 2015-03-28 22:58:41
Title: Missed you ...
Seems some of you guys have missed me as much as I've missed you! I'm back on track on Sunday and very much looking forward to it, it's been lovely popping in and checking my merry Christmas emails and the lovely tips you have given me, extremely appreciative, love to each n speak soon xxxxx... [more]
- 2014-12-27 12:22:09
Title: *M*e*r*r*y* C*h*r*i*s*t*m*a*s*
Thanking all those lovely guys who have already tipped me for Christmas, so sweet and truly appreciated :) xxx I hope the chubby, bearded cowboy of love aka Santa!!! brings you something exciting in your stockings, if you suspect he wont them come find something in mine ;) xx ... [more]
- 2014-12-13 00:08:40
Title: 2 Years
I felt this needed a mention, I've been here two years come next week, and it's flown by. I think in that time I have covered every possible scenario and yet I'm still surprised once in a while ;) I have spoken to some truly remarkable people during this time and loved the things we have shared to... [more]
- 2014-11-08 12:58:07
Title: Another little snippet ;)
Bernice reached down and scooped up a line of warm semen from her stomach, brought it to her mouth and tasted it, slipping her fingers beyond her lips she sucked noisily and writhed on top the mattress, arching her back, opening and closing her smooth legs, running her hands over her trembling body ... [more]
- 2014-10-22 19:46:21
Title: Hmm...
Hehe, at least he didnt use the curtains!! ;)... [more]
- 2014-05-21 20:37:19
Title: Role-Play...
I adore it, an idea of your own or looking for some inspiration? mail me, you'll be very surprised what i cam come up with! ;) xxxx ... [more]
- 2014-04-17 13:42:55
Just because................ i know some of you guys love COCK! ;) xxx... [more]
- 2014-02-25 07:54:45
A sexy black stiletto dangled from the toes of a soft, pretty foot is soooooo erotic dont you think? ;) xx... [more]
- 2014-02-08 01:12:40
Wishing you all a very ***M*E*R*R*Y***C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*** i hope it beings you lots n lots of love and laughter and super, sexy things ;) xxxxxxxx... [more]
- 2013-12-22 14:45:31
Title: The letter 'P'...
Pegged,Pound,Pussy,Penatrate.Piss, Pout,Passion,Pretty,Protrude,Penis,Prick,Pervert,Pant,Poke,Pain,Prostitute, Plush,Panties,Phallus,Pornographic,Playfull,Peehole,Pecker,Pet,Promiscuous,Petting,Philanderer,Pleasure,Piss-slitcum,Polly,Pubic,Puppy,Phuck, Soooo sexy word's beginning with 'P', can ya th... [more]
- 2013-12-10 19:13:26
Title: heels..........
Mmmmm i'm away for a horny weekend, back Monday still in a state of arousel sooooo with that in mind i'm looking forward to logging on and aharing some sexiness with you guys, my heels are packed!! and 'these' heels always bring such pleasure and naughtiness hehe xxx... [more]
- 2013-11-28 14:45:31
Oh!!!! look what you've discovered under my silky white slip, excited? come and get it ;) Edited on 2013-09-23 11:31:09 Seems the picture below has got you boys a little hot n bothered, it\'s a great pic huh, imagine yourself knelt, looking up and finding this ..... just for you! I think you ... [more]
- 2013-09-19 09:10:23
sending love and kisses to the lovely guys who have kept me company in my chatroom this month, loved our chats and giggles just a little hint........ as much as I love ya, a small tip is really appreciated, even a tiny tip adds up and I really, really appreciate it, I am generous with my time and e... [more]
- 2013-07-25 08:53:49
Black lace;, isn't it erotic? that exquisite feel of soft lace against silky soft skin and my black laced panties smeared with translucent precum mmmmmmm delicious xxx... [more]
- 2013-05-20 17:15:47
Title: Role-play...
I have shared some amazing role-play recently and covered some very sexy and very naughty scenarios, i really am very accomadating in respect of your personal requests, so please dont hesitate in suggesting anything with me.... come try me, you'll love it! xxx... [more]
- 2013-03-13 07:50:07
Title: New pic albums........
Just to let all you PVC lovers know that i've added a PVC album to my collection, hope you enjoy looking at the PVC as much as i enjoyed getting shagged senseless whilst wearing it ;) PVC and spunk is such an awesome combination dont you think? ...creamy jiz spattered on shiny squeaky skin mmmmmmmm ... [more]
- 2013-01-13 13:56:53
Title: Happy New Year!!!
Wishing all you lovely guys a very Happy New Year, i hope it brings you happiness, good health and hardons by the plenty love n kisses Bernice xxxxx... [more]
- 2012-12-30 14:07:54
Title: *M*E*R*R*Y***C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*
Merry Christmas to all those sweet, sexy guys who have made me so welcome since joining a month ago, you have been so fucking sexy in your calls and very kind in your comments, both of which have made me very smiley and wet between my legs, so for that i want to thank you xxxxx I genuinly hope that ... [more]
- 2012-12-18 14:16:30
Title: my train journey..... cums to an end xxx.
It took less than a minute for me to cum, hard and strong, shuddering as I felt the orgasm rip through me, my pussy clenched his fingers and I felt the familiar warmth of my love juice spurt over his hand, he continued, harder and deeper, resting his forehead against my ass as he jabbed at my soakin... [more]
- 2012-12-18 08:46:05
Title: train journey part 4
It took less than a minute for me to cum, hard and strong, shuddering as I felt the orgasm rip through me, my pussy clenched his fingers and I felt the familiar warmth of my love juice spurt over his hand, he continued, harder and deeper, resting his forehead against my ass as he jabbed at my soakin... [more]
- 2012-12-17 13:56:33
Title: train journey. part 3
I felt bewildered and exposed but the very notion of this dirty, shameful experience excited me and somehow I had the audacity to go through with it. He circled my throbbing, hard clitoris with such expertise that I wanted to kiss him, hard and long, tongues entwined, I wanted to breath my gratefu... [more]
- 2012-12-14 11:33:52
Title: Train journey, part two
I desperately wanted to view him, but continued looking straight ahead, if I turned and caught his gaze I may not be able to retain my composure. I heard him fold his newspaper as I wriggled impatiently in my knickers, the teasing was unbearable and I craved that he would explore and prod my swollen... [more]
- 2012-12-11 15:05:47
Title: My train Journey home
As per I caught the 5.35 train home, it was heaving as usual at this time of the day, hooking my tight pencil skirt above my knee I stepped into the carriage and glanced quickly for a seat, briefly noticing a gentleman to my right reading a newspaper, deeply engrossed he remained seated. So I stood ... [more]
- 2012-12-06 21:13:22