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Your PA to pleasure, here to tease and please you

Would you like me to be your private secretary, your PA for pleasure and fun....I can flash my stockings while you dictate to me, tease you all day.Im very good at oral, and my shorthand is amazing. Im a voluptuous, big breasted and vivacious foxy lady, here to please....I have beautiful long silky hair, and ever so sexy legs. I luv wearing my stockings and heels....Wouldnt you just love to bend me over your desk when the stress of the day is getting too much!!!!!I can be as naughty or nice as you like, your call, so call me now xxx

I'm a 40+ vixen, with oodles of personality and imagination, I love to please, and Im ALWAYS willing! I

Please dont enter chat expecting me to talk dirty to you, its purely to say hi and introduce yourself, if you wish to exchange e-mails then please leave a tip, I dont mind if you e-mail me purely to ask for a specific type of call' and I will e-mail you back...but if you want a dirty chat by e-mail then please tip....xxxx

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My Fuck Buddy - 2012-04-06 11:51:53
I'm getting really excited, it's my sisters wedding next week, yes, weddings are exciting, but what is going to happen at the wedding is even more exciting, one of my favorite fuck buddies is the best man, and I am the chief bridesmaid, and let me tell you, we are not going to let the tradition slip, of best man fucking the let me tell you about our last meeting, my fuck buddy and I, then you will understand why I am so excited..... We don't see each other very often, as we live 70 miles apart, he is my sister's fiance's best friend, every time I visit my sister, we always hook up and have the dirtiest, steamiest fucking session, he is one hulk of a man, 6ft 5 of pure masculinity, with a most delicious cock, a good pounding of this guy and you know you've been fucked.....We always have a nice chat and a couple of drinks, get nice and chilled, I tell him I can't wait till he nails my ass to bed, I'm so wet in anticipation, I can see him bulging through his trousers, he says "I'll do more than that you dirty, dirty girl" I lean over and kiss him, a long lingering sexy kiss, while we explore each other, he tweeks my big hard nipples while I unbutton his trousers, he is really hard now, I wanna suck his cock hard, i slide down with my head between his legs I take his hard length in my mouth, he gasps with pleasure, but he is not going to cum yet, Im teasing him, taking him to the edge, till he can take no more, "Get in that fucking bedroom" he tells me. naked and so fucking horny, we continue, my pussy is aching for him, I'm so wet now, its dripping from me, he licks and sucks and teases my nipples, sending me so crazy, i think I'm going to explode, he slowly moves down my body, "I'm gunna give you a good lickin, my girl" he tells, "I want to taste you, tongue fuck you" he parts my legs wide, with his big strong arms, holding my thighs while he dives in, oh wow, his tongue feels so good, my clit is hard and throbbing, "mmmmmm, you taste sooo good" he tells me, seeing his head moving up and down between my legs, lapping up all my juices, while he reaches up with his long arms and plays with my big tits, Im getting closer and closer, "Oh fuck, fuck, that feels good" I tell him, "lick that pussy baby" he brings his arm down and starts finger fucking me, he has huge fingers, and it feels so good, "ooo you bastard" i tell him, "Im gunna cum soon, Im gunna cum so much bby, ooo yeah" I squirt all over his fingers and mouth, he loves it..."fuck me baby, fuck me hard" I tell him, my pussy aching for his cock, waiting to grasp it, orgasmic waves still making me shudder, he gets on top first, and thrusts his hard cock in my pussy, I moan so loudly, it feels amazing, his big bellend hitting my g-spot and making me writhe with pleasure, pounding and pounding me harder, he pins my arms down, I'm totally at his mercy, I am truly getting my ass nailed to the bed, turn over he tells me, I wanna fuck you from behind, I turn over and he starts slowly, my juices are still flowing, they never stop, i can cum over and over, and it isnt very hard with this guy, he slaps me on the arse a few times, "dirty girl" he tells me, "Im gunna fuck you good and proper now" he moans as he rams his cock into me, slowly slowly, then harder and harder, I have to hold onto the headboard, cos this guy is big, he is fucking me so hard now my legs have lifted off the bed, his heavy frame pounding my pussy, he grabs my long hair, and pulls it gently, I can feel him building up, ready to shoot his hot load inside me, wow, "oooo yeah baby, cum to me, fuck me hard" I tell him, his body shudders for a few minutes while his hot cum fills me up, "fuck, fuck, fuck" he shouts, then relaxes, he slaps me on the arse again, "cup of tea love?""before we do it all again" "naughty girl"........ I cant wait for the wedding, we both have hotel rooms, its gunna be a long night, tune in next week for an update and I will tell you how my night went xxx
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Comment by 'simon722012'. Rated: 10/10

brilliantly naughty. worth a call. love her