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"Want me to suck your cock"

Hey Im Leggy Lexy, 25 years old, Now what shall i tell you about myself? Im a sexy , sultry, sassy, classy WhoreWife, Want to find out more, Call me now, ITS A NO LIMIT CHAT BOYS , TRY ME NOW

Im a genuine WhoreWife4U im bi i love pussy and cock , try me

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My Naughty Wedding Night - 2011-05-31 09:50:07
In October last year we got married in a beautiful location of Barbados, on the white sandy beach, with the turquoise sea, the heat and the drink made it extremely horny, we had an amazing ceremony on the beach in front of all the hotel guests, after we had photos taken walking hand in hand along the stretch of gold sand, locals were coming upto us and congratulating us, when the sun was setting and had drunk the bottle of champagne , a coloured local guy came up to us and said how he fancied me, especially my massive tits, he said he had never seen a pair like them lol he offered to buy us a drink in the local beach bar, he was very attractive and dan could see i really fancied him, and he had promised me our time in Barbados would fulfill one of my life long fantasies of fucking a black guy, and it looked like it was about to happen, after a couple of Rum punches and us finding out about the guy, he said he would love to fuck me, dan said he didnt mind and found it a turn on by watching other guys fucking me, we arranged to meet him 2 hours later at hotel room, first dan wanted to fuck me in my wedding dress and fill me with his spunk, we went back to the room , dan was rock hard, and so turned on, he licked my wet cunt for about half an hour before raping my dirty wet waiting cunt, god it was so intense, loved it, time flew by, before we knew it the guy was at the door, i still had dans spunk in me, we said u have just caught us fucking, me still in my dress, oh how perfect, he came in and went straight down to licking my cunt, mmm it was fantastic my first black experience and to see his body against my white wedding dress made it even more exciting, before long i had his very large 10inch black cock rammed down my throat with dans rubbing against it, oh deep joy 2 fucking rock hard rampant males to my mercy, i wanted the both to fuck me the black guy got on top of me started pounding my very wet soaking cum filled cunt, while dan face fucked me, then they said they wanted to spit roast me and cum at the same time, i was screaming taking both together was jus tperfect and before long we were fucking hard and fast, it didnt take long before they were spit roasting me like a good en, lol, counting down and banging me hard i knew they were both ready to shoot there dirty cum in me, this was a night never to forget and made everything so perfect Hope you enjoy reading this , shows what a dirty whore wife i truly am, and now the name was for real i am a WhoreWife just for you xxx
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Comment by 'Jon1'. Rated: 10/10

I know it would have been good but just seemed to keep ringing - a real shame
Comment by 'Apollo'. Rated: 10/10

Good sexy call.