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TS Treat with 10" Meat 2 Dominate Your Ass

Randy for a TS Treat with a cock 10 inch to blow? If you've got on panties and cock sucker red lipstick, you're the chosen one! Now all I have to do is teach you to shave off that stupid hair and you're almost perfect.... but still my pathetic, loser, my personal, cock whore... My Main Bitch....

FIRST: Get on your knees... Worship my feet and beg for my attention. Show me your male pussy... My cock is throbbing, engorged and hungry. It's getting huge!! Enough to satisfy your imagination.... Spread your buttery cheeks and let me pound your eager ass into submission. You're discreet in the streets and my cock whore in the sheets - that's all you'll ever be.... SECOND: Do that freaky, Mc Nasty thing you like to do - Be my useful and successful COCK LOVER - I'll train you to be perfect... I already know you're a miserable failure, so this wont be easy.....

FINALLY: MAKE YOUR CALL DIRECTLY FROM THE WEB BROWSER when you ring me once you've registered with the site and use your credit or debit card to save some of the normal introduction costs AND get appreciation offers. **** SILENT CALLERS WELCOME****

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New Pics with Assignment for Feminizing a Sissy Whore - 2015-05-12 07:33:48
There's nothing wrong with showing your commitment to the lifestyle of being my personal submissive cock whore - You're nothing more than a good slut who loves to do as you're told. Get on you knees to present your case and service me well once you have completed these simple tasks
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Born This Way - 2014-12-08 03:42:43
I was born to love a man who dresses like a woman - My job and dsole purpose in life is to teach him to be the best and prettiest, the baddest bitch little sissy around - for none other than me. This is an easy task. I am feminine and curvaceous with natural goddess beauty. Strength exudes from me so I have no problem showing a man how to relinquish his masculine urge and subside to be a strip-tease dancing, lace panty wearing, girly girl, just for me. It's a matter of discipline and reporting to me your daily activities. I want to know about the pantyhose you wear under your suit. The fruit scented lip balm you can't help wearing. Tell me about the clothes you yearn to wear as soon as the doors are shut. I promise you: this won't be nearly as difficult as you orinigally thought. You're gonna be trained to love the way my wooden hard cock, my drilling tool feels. I'm lovely with the best of both worlds all for you. Tits, ass, and a throbbing, cock spewing with pre cum - every drop has your name on it, Sissy.
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Anything Anal Penetrating a Sissy Throbs For - 2014-11-17 04:56:13
Under my skirt, there's constant throbbing all day long thinking about someone like you bending me over to ride my horny ass when I am having phone sex. Anything goes with me when my nipples start to grow harder, while I arch my back to take off my stockings and reveal a thick curve and juicy hole. The most gorgeous shemale you've ever seen is waiting for you and all sissy boys like phone sex with me! If you were here to pull closer into me, all you'd see is my beautifully hot body. Anything I ask you to do to me, you'd eagerly do to accommodate. Massage my nuts while I moan, validating how good you feel when I have phone sex with you. I can't wait to penetrate your thoughts with my soft and sensual phone sex voice.
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again superb thankyou
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So sexy
Comment by 'sissy chloe'. Rated: 10/10

thank u so much for humiliating message i will keep and read and await my next