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Hola...I'm Jasmine, a sweet girl with a wild side

Hola...I'm Jasmine, a sweet 18 year old girl with a wild side!! I have long black hair and deep brown eyes. I'm 4' 8 and weigh 115 pounds.. I have a Cuban American background and an accent that will drive you crazy... especially when I talk in Spanish. I'm honest, outgoing, open minded to anything, and very giggly. I'm in my element when I can tempt, tease and please a man!! I'm naughty, I'm hot…bring it on baby, anything you want I can deliver…try me out you wont be disappointed. Whether it's a stern mistress or an innocent 18 year old school girl then its me that you need....

Just think about me kneeling in front of you. Can you see my pink pouty lips wrapped around your hard cock? I'll look up at you with my sweet eyes...

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My 1st Time - 2007-11-01 16:51:47
Well the feeling of feeling something coming in and out of you is just wonderful. The sensation is just to make you fly away. My 1st time I was alone at my house. All my family were at a family party thing. I stayed home, don'r remember why! John was my parent's friend and was working on our home and stayed with us for a little while. I liked him for so long.. I was too afraid to tell him.. I thought he'd never like me. Any who, John came home from work ( he worked late so didn't make it to the party ) and was tired. he jumped in the shower and left the cracked open. i was passing by when I see him getting dried. he was naked and instead of turning around and head the other direction I keep looking untill he walked out and caught me! He was naked with only a towel around his waist. I was embarrased but he just smile and walked to his room. I was already kind of horny so I followed him and pretended I was goin to ask him something when he drops the towel to the ground!!! I didn't know how to react! He grab me by the hand and put it on his hard wet dick. Well what could I do... So I started giving him a hand job! Wow! Then i went down with a blow job and sucked his dick. He grabbed my hair and slamed his cock all the way down my throat. I couldn't believe it... By this time I was burning with passion. He picked me up started kissing my neck than my lips untill and at the same time undressing me... he smelled so good and frashed. He put me against the wall and started bangging me. We go to the bed next. Im on my back he comes down to my licking my pussy. By this time you can just imagine the atmosphere... I stoped him, not because i didn't like it but because I was ready for more banging... he's on top of me coming in me softly than little by little he picks up the speed untill I can't handle it no more. By this time Im screaming and moaning like an animal. He turns me over and humps me doggie style ( my fav ) while playing with my huge breast. Now it was my time to dominate and I jump on him doin him like there is no tomorrow, he cam in me. It was a weird feeling but kinky. It felt so good. After and hour and a half we stop. it was weird looking at each other. He kisses me very passionate and kinky while holding my one of my breasts in his hand. I went and shower and so did he ( again, lol ). After this encounter with him, we keep messing around a few times untill his girlfriend came back from from Perth!
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In front of strangers - 2007-11-01 16:28:27
It was a couple of years ago, Marie and I were on our way back from the Northwest coast of the Victoria, and we had to stop for a rest in a service station. As I was laying down and resting , We parked on the edge of the car park behind a van so we wouldnchr("$m[1]")t be disturbed. When all of a sudden, we happened to notice two guys sitting in a van and staring at us. My skirt had ridden up just below my panties, showing all of my legs. Marie and I were so turned on by this. So turned on that we decided to give them something to look at. WE kissed slowly.. massaging our tounges together, then, I slowly undressed her.. trying to not tear off her clothes. I slowly slid my finger into her wet, tight pussy as she leaned back and moaned, then I glided my tounge over her clit, moving in tiny circles.. Call me to hear more of what happened that night......
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secrets... - 2007-11-01 16:12:14
Hi there all you sexy men well lets see Nicole and I have been very naughty. We are so good that!! Dan has decided to give us our own double act show considering we are getting on so well together - he has no idea ha. He gave us the credit card and told us to go shopping for some new outfits so we did. Straight down to the local Adult Shop. Haylee met me there this morning and man she is so hot like butter would melt in your mouth. Just looking at her legs, so sexy and they just go all the way up to heaven, we decided to try on a matching school girl set. Black and red tartan pleated skirts that sit just above our arses, black lace panties that tie up at the sides with black ribbon and a tie up short sleeved shirt which ties up just above our breasts - so sexy. Anyway we grabbed our stuff and went to the change rooms but there was only one, well we donchr("$m[1]")t care so we piled in and started getting changed together. It was a bit squishy and as Nicole was bending over to take her shoes of I felt the skin on her arse brush up against mine - she is so soft wow!! After we got changed we walked out and stood in front of the mirror and admired our new look - we did a few spins together gave each other a kiss and hug it was perfect. As I was pulling away from Nicole she pulled me back into her and gave me another kiss I looked at her and my hands ran down her back I felt her long hair running through my fingers and started to tingle all around the top of my thighs, I leaned in and kissed her back wow she is sexy, Now I know why we dance so well together we have this chemistry thing going on and its building up everyday we are together. I wonder when its going to blow? This is the longest foreplay of my life. We went back to the change room and were getting back into our stuff Nicole turned around and asked me to help with her bra so I grabbed the clasps and started to hook them up as I let one go and reached around her body to grab it again my arm brushed up along the side of her breasts Nicole grabbed my hand and ran it up her stomach and I felt those feeling come back again. I am hanging to be with her so bad and she spun around and leaned in and started to kiss me. The blood in my veins started to pump so fast you could her my heart beating through my chest. Thatchr("$m[1]")s it I thought its happening right here right now - Nicole was with me on this one. We wrapped our arms around each other and we both had no tops on just our bodies against each other - ring ring - both our phones started to go off at the same time we just smiled and grabbed them. Well thatchr("$m[1]")s one way to ruin the moment - it was Dan ringing both of us - CRAP - "Are you to still together" he asked - yes we replied "can you please come in Rachel has canceled today and I need you two to fill in for her", we both laughed and said that we would be there in half an hour hung up. Nicole looked at me and said we will definately have to come shopping together again babe. I slapped her on the arse, we got dressed, grabbed our stuff and went to work. After I got home from work today I went straight to my top draw and pulled out my 8 inch vibrating dildo to relieve this built up pressure.! Ahhhhh yummmmm thats better!
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Comment by 'ryundai'. Rated: 10/10

cute accent, cute girl :)
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