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I see you watching me, I know exactly what you want lover and I can give you all of it. You know you want to suck this dick, so why do you pretend that you don’t want to?

Lay back, relax and take out your penis. Let me kneel down in front of you and worship your cock with my mouth and drain you of every drop of your cum. I'll thirstfully swallow like no 'regular' girlfriend you have ever had. Later you can lube me up and bend me over and listen to me moan as you slide your cock into my sweet ass. I'll sink to my hands and knees as you ride me and unload deep into my hips. Then it'll be my turn, my thick cock will fill your mouth and press down your tongue, we'll see if you can deepthroat. If your good I'll feed you a couple spoonfulls of a special sticky cream that I know your going to love. After that you'll feel my hands gently holding your hips and I'll stretch you out and thrust into your hole until I pump more cum into you......

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Comment by 'schotty'. Rated: 10/10

Exactly what I needed...
Comment by 'xxcabsxx'. Rated: 10/10

Super sexy
Comment by 'rabby'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'imahornyboy'. Rated: 10/10