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Hi Guys, I'm Candy, a naughty MILF with a shapely derriere that guys find impossible to resist (some women too!). I love having my nipples sucked & tweaked and I ADORE heels & stockings and I LOVE getting off thinking about that hard throbbing cock of yours when we are speaking, (it makes me really juicy & horny). So don't be shy give me a call, also don't feel we have to talk about sex (or sex all the time!).... still cum and chat as if friendly, flirty conversation & banter is all you seek that is fine too - I am a Jill of All Trades (& yes Mistress of them all!). Think of me as your one-stop shop! -- everything you want in a woman under one roof! So what are you waiting for? .... get on the blower and let blow me you away BIG boy! ;)

****IMPORTANT -; the best way to connect with us girls is by Registering through this site and best of all it's FREE to register - (it's the best deal all round as its less expensive for you AND the best way for us girls to receive calls).****

*****E-MAILING: If you want me to reply to your emails instead of 'phoning me that's fine but please remember Gratuity, i.e., the Tip System! If you do not Tip I cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond to your emails.**** Love & Candy Kissesxxxx

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Check out my Slutty Nurse pix, shaved pussy & gorg MILF titsxx - 2011-03-22 22:46:12
Hi guys, come & check out my latest pix where I'm wearing my nautie Nurses outfit, all 18 of them... they are guaranteed to make your temperature rise!!..... Naughtier & hornier than every before, the Photographer got so excited looking at my juicy snatch I ended up giving him an free (NHS! ;)) blow jobchr("$m[1]") to cure his fever & aching balls!chr("$m[1]") nautie little slut Nurse that I am ;)chr("$m[1]")chr("$m[1]") he emptied his sacks & exploded his creamy potion all over my face & tits & in my mouth, Yummiechr("$m[1]"). Nursie would highly prescribe it! xxxx
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