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I want to make your cock throb you sick fucker.

Hi, I am your own personal prick teaser. If you want a good hard fuck then you are going to have to be a very good boy.I look so innocent, but I want to dominate you, spank you, have you eat me out and lick me clean just because you are not worthy of anything more. When your cock is throbbing so hard you feel like you are going to explode what I want most is to tell you I am disgusted by you and you sicken me, but my little pussy is so wet I cannot resist you and suddenly the tables turn and I want to be fucked so hard in my tight arsehole and dripping wet cunt. When you are just about to cum I want you to ram your huge hard dick down my throat so hard I gag and beg you to spray your sweet jizz in my mouth, before finally, you explode all over my face and tits. If that has got your dick twitching, then tell me your other sick, twisted and filthy dreams and we will play them out together. I am totally open minded and up for anything, from getting to know you to the wildest dirtiest fuck you've ever had.I am so turned on just thinking about it...Come live the fantasy with me you dirty fucker.

Don't be discouraged if I'm offline. I'm fuck hungry and if you send me a message I'll definitely get back to you. For a generous tip I can write you the filthiest bedtime story. xxxxxx

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Comment by 'spanksteve'. Rated: 10/10

Thank you Mistress xx