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Pepper Mint

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Intelligent & articulate - with a naughty streak!

Hi, I am Pepper Mint. I am perfect for a more discerning caller. I love burlesque, tease and the art of seduction. I am petite, have 32F breasts, dark hair, green eyes and red red lips. My pussy is the tightest you could ever imagine! I like to wear elbow length black gloves, nipple tassels, hold ups, heels and frilly panties (crotchless or tie sides for 'quick' access of course!). I am very obedient, I look forward to you telling me what to do, perhaps we could act out some of your fantasies??? If you just want someone to talk to, or someone to listen, thats fine too. PS - Dont forget to register and use your card - its better value for all! Thanks & I look forward to chatting xxx

If you are too shy to call send me a mail and a generous tip and I will send you a personal message and tell you about some of my fantasies.... mmmm. Or you could listen to one of my Audio Blogs - watching and wanking part 1, my brush with the law or lap dance. If you want to chat, but I am not online or taking a call, drop me a message and we can arrange a time.

Why not download some of my photos to enjoy in private....? All my pics on this site are 100% me... what you see is what you get x

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Watching & Wanking Part 1 - 2011-07-29 18:48:06
The girl over the road has left her curtains open and light on - was it intentional, or was it an accident...? Listen to my blog detailing what she gets up to and what you do while watching... xxx
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My brush with the law ! - 2011-07-21 18:15:04
I LOVE a man in uniform! Men in uniform make me wet, hot, horny and wild for sex. I was stopped for speeding, how do you think I got away without having to pay a fine??? Listen to find outchr("$m[1]")
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A strip & lap dance with extra benefits! X - 2011-06-20 18:52:06
Here is an audio entitled a strip & lap dance with benefits. Its for those of you who are a little shy to call, or those who just want to sit back, relax, listen and have a bit of fun, or perhaps you like the look of me but I am not online. I hope you enjoy listening to my voice and hearing me describe in great detail what I am doing to get us both off! X
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