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Naughty Naomi

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Naughty teen from next door!!

I'm Naomi im 18 year old dirty girl. As you will see im new here but i have some experience of getting men off.I work part time as a receptionist and i like to show off my body while im at work, i love the thought of all the men looking at men and getting hard over my sexy body.I love sex in all different positions and i love talking about my sexual experiences on the phone, especially when i know your on the other end of the phone masturbating.I love talking about your FETISHES & ROLEPLAYS,BI-LESBIAN,BDSM,THREESOMES and anything KINKY.

If there is something you want to talk about and you want to mail me first so that i can be ready for you or even if its just to tell me to get my toys out, I dont mind and im sure you will enjoy our experiences we share.

I love to play with my pussy as I talk to a sexy guy on the phone. It makes me so wet listening to a guy moan as we masturbate together, bringing each other to an explosive orgasm. I really love playing with my vibrator and dildos aswell, imagining it's a big hard cock inside of me. Mmm, it's making me really horny and wet just thinking about it now. Call me baby. Let's cum together.

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"What A Night" - 2010-08-08 23:17:10
Well what a night I had !! I can't believe my LUCK !!!!!! I was totally stripped off in my lounge and had the attentions of 4 men on me, giving me a good seeing too and a good groping where a woman would liket to be licked and groped. Of course I had my hands all over their body and theirs all over mine, I don't think I had enough hands !!! I didn't really know which way to turn with all the naked bodies around and giving me the time of my life. Sexy they were too, different ages and ummm lets say , quite well-endowed to say the least. As I was gasping for breath they bloody well carried on and wore me out, haven't had a session like that before. But definately cant wait until the next time. X
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Comment by 'timmyc'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'Horse'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'phelon'. Rated: 10/10

Been ages since I call this amazing girl and she is still as filthy, fun and enthusiastic as ever - thanks babe, really enjoyed it..Speak soon xxx
Comment by 'phelon'. Rated: 10/10

was great, but cut off for no reason towards the end...still hot as hell all the way through...thanks babe x
Comment by 'veggi'. Rated: 10/10

Excels at this
Comment by 'Jenkins'. Rated: 10/10

Brilliant call. This young lady is superb. The best call I've had on here.
Comment by 'phelon'. Rated: 10/10

Been so long since I've seen Naomi online....well worth the wait
Comment by 'Tel'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'The_Pan'. Rated: 10/10

The best call I have had on this site yet. A straight-forward, sexy sounding girl - no over-play or drama, very believable and genuine. I was very impressed. Thanks darlin. x
Comment by 'UncleGerald'. Rated: 9/10

Utterly charming.
Comment by 'phelon'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'phelon'. Rated: 10/10

so filthy..this girl gets you off in no time...awesome
Comment by 'Haribo'. Rated: 10/10

Great as always babe xx
Comment by 'horndawg'. Rated: 10/10

amazingly dirty sexy girl
Comment by 'Haribo'. Rated: 10/10

Filthy, Sexy Voice. Thanks Babe xx
Comment by 'Haribo'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'UncleGerald'. Rated: 9/10

A lovely young girl who made a lonely old man very happy, using her delicious imagination and her cheeky character.
Comment by 'unibond'. Rated: 10/10

very sexy, Thanks Naomi
Comment by 'Kenny Powers'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'theroller'. Rated: 10/10

exactly what i needed. thx!
Comment by 'perseus'. Rated: 10/10

Sexy voice
Comment by 'garykinky'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'northernuk'. Rated: 10/10

Very very good! Lovely accent
Comment by 'squirt'. Rated: 10/10

Really hot sexy filthy talented girl. Thanks
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