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Nappy Nanny

Hear My Voice
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Do you wish?

Do you wish you'd never grown up? Let Nappy Nanny look after you..You can be your 'True-Self'. I know just what you Adult-babys need.. Let me give you a safe, fun & friendly experience! You can Gu-Gu-Ga-Ga as I read you a story with my soothing voice. Suck on your dummy or thumb. You can have your bottle and let Nappy Nanny change your bottom with my nice warm water & cotton wool. Is your Nappy too wet... do you want a change... is it drooping... do you need patting on the bum?

Maybe your going through the 'Terrible Two's'... Nappy Nanny may apply some old fashion discipline. I have a naughty step, and may even put you over my knee for a spanking. Then, if your Good I'll let you do some colouring in or watch a cartoon.

Lets have playtime in the playpen, then suck on your milky bottle & let me sooth you into 'Nap Time' with Teddy, snuggled up on the couch with your blanky into my lap. I will stroke your hair and tell you a bed-time story...

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Comment by 'Rubicon'. Rated: 9/10

Comment by 'devonport'. Rated: 10/10

best ever 1 off quality lady
Comment by 'Rubicon'. Rated: 10/10

Very sweet and loving...with a sexy voice!
Comment by 'Rubicon'. Rated: 8/10

Sexy voice, very erotic
Comment by 'Mistress_Vixen'. Rated: 10/10

very hot & sexy
Comment by 'Mistress_Vixen'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'kev7476'. Rated: 10/10

thanks she is so sexy i will be come back for more
Comment by 'kev7476'. Rated: 10/10

sexy women iam coming back again
Comment by 'scotgent14'. Rated: 10/10

No comment given.
Comment by 'jgoodfellow'. Rated: 10/10

fantastic call! sorry just couldn't last!! talk soon!!!
Comment by 'scotgent14'. Rated: 10/10

Comment by 'hornymatt'. Rated: 10/10

No comment given.
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