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NIKITA- I Will Blow Your Mind! I Do Sexting 4 Tips

Hi Guys my name is NIKITA I'm here to fulfill wishes, fantasies, desires and dreams. I wan to make you feel real special and spend the time t get to know you better. I can be submissive or dominant, it's your choice! I like role play, fantasies and have all kinds of kinks that I would love to explore together with you! I want to hear all of your Secrets and I will share mine with you too. So lets talk about these experiences Iv'e had and all of the ones you want to have!I'm waiting for your Call & Messages now! NIKITA XXX

I just love moaning on the phone so why don't you give me something to moan about ;) I am into role play, out door sex, threesomes, oral sex - giving and receiving, mutual masturbation, orgasm denial, girl friend experience, casual sex, strip tease, voyeurism, exhibitionism, foot fetishes, smoking fetishes, anal sex, rimming, pussy worship, cum swapping, soft bdsm, light bondage, playing with toys, light spanking, wearing sexy/ slutty clothing, food play, older men, sissification and lots and lots of other things!

HOT SEXY ALWAYS HORNY AND UP FOR SOME HOT SEXY FUN! CALL ME NOW YOU WON'T BE SORRY My favorite sex positions are 69, face sitting, reverse cow girl & DoggyIf you want to know more.... Send me a message :) I do Sexting for tips NIKITA XXX

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Quick Hot Sexy Threesome - 2016-03-11 10:50:45
Dear Diary, I've always loved the idea of having a threesome, with a really sexy, strong, older man. The other woman would be beautiful, very feminine, soft all over, brown hair, and very sweet. My dream finally came true! I was hanging out at a local book store and I was in the erotic book section (as usual), and I notice this cute Brunette sort of avoiding the section. She comes over, hesitantly, and picks up a book. I look at it and say, "hey, that's an interesting one", and we start chatting. We start talking about the genre, and how much we like it. I think some other guy close by hears us, so he comes over and gets in on the conversation. After about an hour, we're all divulging out deepest secrets and I find out the the great news about my new friends... This sexy brown haired girl is a squirter and has an extra wet pussy! In fact, she's bisexual, and thinks I'm really sexy, and talking to me about all this has gotten her really hot. Mr Lucky (that's what I'm going to call the guy from now on), lives close by, and wants to fuck both of us, so we all go back to his place for some privacy. He's your typical tall, dark, handsome, dumb type, but we want to use him so we let him watch. Once we get there, me and the girl (we'll call her Brownie), are all over each other. I'm touching her beautiful soft breasts, sucking on her nipples, pulling her hair. I very badly want to touch her wet pussy, but she keeps brushing my fingers away because she doesn't want to get too hot. Her pussy hair is short and soft, and she smells like chocolate. She's truly a delicious little woman. At this point I'm dripping wet, my pussy juice is running down the inside of my thighs. Mr. Lucky is beside himself with anticipation. He literally cannot sit in his seat anymore, he's stroking his hard cock, about to pounce on me and Brownie at any second. By now, Brownie and I are completely naked. I'm still trying to touch her hot pussy, and she keeps pushing me away. I'm so hot that I'm moaning, begging her to just let me touch it a little. I keep biting her hard pink little nipples, and she looks like she just might go over the edge. I finally can't take it anymore, I want to touch her so badly, so I push her down, and force my finger into her pussy. OH MY GOD. It's the hottest thing I've ever felt, and my fingers slide in like they've been greased. Her clit is swollen and pink, just wanting me to stroke it with my tongue. Brownie is happy to feel my fingers inside her, and starts moving to build more friction between us. I keep finger fucking her, moving my fingers faster in and out. I finally put my mouth on her clit, flicking my tongue up and down on her clit to keep her hot. She's almost screaming my name, and I can tell she's close. Mr. Lucky has had it. He wants to fuck, and he wants it now. I'm bent over fingering Brownie, and my wet pussy it sitting there, waiting to be fucked by him. He comes up behind me, seeing my swollen clitoris, and plunges his huge hot cock inside of me. He catches me off guard, and I gasp because its so big and it feels so good. Brownie realizes what happens, and I think this makes her go crazy. I'm still fingering her, when she starts moaning even louder. I find her g-spot, and stroke it while Mr. Lucky is still fucking me from behind... and wham... Brownie cums. And what a show it is. A hot stream pours out of her as she squirts everywhere... all over the walls, the floor, me. It's ridiculous, and she's screaming, and I find it incredibly sexy. She's shaking after she's cum so hard, so I turn my focus to Mr. Lucky. I turn around to face him, and he begins to fuck me even harder. He's twisting my nipples, playing with my clit... I'm losing my mind. He dick feels so good pounding me more and more... when all of a sudden he pulls out. He starts jerking himself off with one hand, and fingering me with the other. He goes directly for my gspot, and starts to rub really hard. All of a sudden, I feel like I completely lose control. I see stars, I feel like I'm about to black out. My body is very hot, I can't think, I can't move, all I can feel is the building pressure inside of me that needs to be released. Mr. Lucky keeps stroking himself, faster and faster. I see his fast contort, and he starts to squirt his hot white cum all over my stomach, so hard that it even hits me on the lips. I love the taste of cum, and even though I can't, move, I can taste him on my mouth, on my tongue. All the while, he's smart enough to keep rubbing my spot, harder and harder. I have no idea what to do at this point, I've completely lost control. I just lay there moaning, shrieking, feeling him, wanting to release what's building up inside of me. My body starts to shake. My clit is shaking, I'm sweating, I'm screaming, and feel something move through my body and flood my senses with hot feeling. It moves through me, and the suddenly, I feel the release through my clit. I squirt and squirt, it literally pours out of me. It's everywhere, and I can't stop, and I'm so hot. After all this, we're all quite happy, and fall asleep on the floor in the giant mess we've made.
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MASTURBATION MONDAY - 2015-05-04 09:15:13
I'm imagining you waking me up this morning! This morning I was lying in bed and you needed me, so you woke me up. I saw you standing there... needing me! I opened my blurry eyes to see you standing by the closed door, naked, your cock already becoming hard. You moved towards me, quickly climbing onto the bed and slipping under the covers. I laughed quietly, sensing your urgency, loving you for it. chr("$m[1]")Whatchr("$m[1]")s going on, baby?chr("$m[1]") chr("$m[1]")I need a cuddlechr("$m[1]")chr("$m[1]") chr("$m[1]")A cuddle?chr("$m[1]") I laughed again. chr("$m[1]")Yeah, a cuddle.chr("$m[1]") you replied as you turned my body and lifted my leg over your hip as my arm went around you. chr("$m[1]")God youchr("$m[1]")re so warm, feel so good.chr("$m[1]") You held me tight against yourself. I rode your thigh for a moment while I kissed and licked the long line of your neck. Sleep still cloaked my mind and body, but I felt an ache begin between my legs. I moaned as your fingers found it, softly running over my sensitive flesh. I rolled onto my back and opened my legs for you as you dipped your finger into me, gently testing my readiness. chr("$m[1]")Yes.chr("$m[1]") I whispered thrusting my hips towards you, even as I knew there wasnchr("$m[1]")t really time for me. Not this morning. You love being inside me. It makes you so so hot when I let you play with me. I look down at your body and take your hard cock into my hand. Gripping you firmly I worked your cock fast and hard. Your head went back after the first stroke, your eyes closed by the third, your jaw clenched by the fifth. chr("$m[1]")Yes.chr("$m[1]") you hissed through gritted teeth, still using your fingers on me. chr("$m[1]")Wanna come all over you.chr("$m[1]") chr("$m[1]")Yes, do it!chr("$m[1]") My hand pumped your cock, over and over. I knew it would be quick. Your body was tense, I watched your face, you were lost to it, striving and straining for it. So fucking hot, only mine to see like this. chr("$m[1]")Fuck, yeah! Thatchr("$m[1]")s itchr("$m[1]") oh yeah!chr("$m[1]") You whispered. I looked down my body, watched my breasts move with every thrust of your fingers, loving the feeling of you inside me that way. chr("$m[1]")Watch.chr("$m[1]") I said. My hand sped up, concentrating on the head of your cock, just like you preferred it. I angled my body towards you and you moved your hips forward so your cock was over my stomach. chr("$m[1]")Yes!chr("$m[1]") We watched as ribbons of come shot out onto my skin. My hand slowed down with each shudder and jerk until I finally stopped and we were left looking at his marks on my stomach, listening to each others gasping breaths. You gently withdrew your fingers from me saying, chr("$m[1]")God, I needed that.chr("$m[1]") chr("$m[1]")Mmm I noticed.chr("$m[1]") I said against your hot sexy lips as you kiss me. chr("$m[1]")Ichr("$m[1]")ll make it up to you, baby.chr("$m[1]") you say as you jump out of bed, seemingly energised by our little interlude. My body was aching and restless, but I knew Ichr("$m[1]")d get what I needed later. I smiled. I liked knowing you owed me. As always, thanks for reading. May is national masturbation month (I think that should be international) please keep a look out for my other hot and sexy blogs to follow Nikki xxx
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Proper dirty nasty little slut
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Amazing!!!!!! Call her now
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